By Thatguynoonelikes - 29/09/2015 13:21 - United States - Mansfield

Today, I was babysitting a couple of kids. I'd spent time with them before, so I brought my video game console to play with them. I forgot to take it home with me. They soon sold it to another kid for $10. FML
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Ask the parents to reimburse you for it.

Hopefully the parents will get involved and fix it for you. If not, go to the parents of the kid who they sold it to.


Ask the parents to reimburse you for it.

Yes OP may get reimbursed for $10

Umm #1 means OP being reimbursed for the full price of the console that the kids sold not the 10$. Not sure how you didn't understand that.

Hope you get it back OP

This would make a great Judge Judy episode.

I would beat my kids if they did that,make them apologize,and buy him a brand new console.

Wow...I sincerely hope you never have kids.

Why do you hope he doesn't have kids? Because people are way overly sensitive to stuff like spanking kids now?

Oh lord, in today's society spank a kid for doing something disrespectful or wrong? Who the hell do you think you are you monster! If I were to do something like this as a kid my parent's would've reimbursed the person and I'd be working my ass off doing more chores for a long time.

They didn't say "spank", 31. They said "beat".

I don't know if its just where I'm from or what @38, but we'll say "beat" instead of "spank" sometimes so #3 could have still meant spank.

To the people saying "beat" also means "spank", it doesn't matter. Harming your child to "teach them a lesson" only teaches them to be afraid instead of teaching them not to do a bad thing.

Lets see how you feel about that when you are stuck taking care of a kid who is oppositional defiant and has ADHD. As someone who grew up with both and has to frequently babysit a nephew who also has both, sometimes spanking is the only way to teach them or to get them to listen. Some kids just will not listen to you if they don't get spanked. Also, my nephew laughs most of the time. He thinks its funny. Most of the time he will do what he is told next time, though. He is the type of kid where he will push your limits and won't do a thing you say until you stand up to him and show him who is boss. Yelling is not scary unless you follow up with a real threat.

Agree with #1. That's if you can't get it back another way. Ya know, breaking into their home and taking it back.

They sold the console, though. It's not at the house anymore and OP probably doesn't know where the house is that's it's at now.

Did you miss the one part that made this fml an fml?

Yeah while he's at it, how about they find the kid they sold it to a beat the crap out of him too! That'll teach them to buy deals that're too good to be true

buy it back for $12 and I guess they didnt enjoy it much

Hopefully the parents will get involved and fix it for you. If not, go to the parents of the kid who they sold it to.

Thats a tough one. Parents should reimburse you, but as these things go I wouldnt be surprised if they didn't for some ridiculous reason or another. Better go to the kid it was sold to and get it ftom his/her parents.

That's pretty unsnesitive of them

I hope it was just an Xbox.

That's just not right. It's worth at least $50!