By Diana - 13/08/2010 01:06 - United States

Today, I was showing my three year-old that going down the deck steps are perfectly safe. At the top, I tripped on my shoe and fell head first down every step. I now have five stitches and a three year old who won't go anywhere near the deck. FML
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clutz lmao ;)

Well, at least you don't have to worry about your three year old tripping on their shoe, and falling head first down every step. Then ending up getting 5 stitches in their head.

Your child is going to be physiologically scarred by stairs for the rest of his life... he'll be in a therapy session and be like "I don't know why...but when I get near's like some deep down inner fear..*breaks down crying*" I can see it now. they'll make a movie on it. after the novel of course.

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that's why they invented escalators, elevators, and ramps. mhm mhm. true story.

And besides, why the fuck would you have an elevator or escalator attached to your deck?

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it's funny because that stuff is only supposed to happen in cartoons

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wowwwww lmfao @17 ahahahaha and wow OP that sucks ahaha but look on the brightside.. if he isn't n e where near the stairs he can't fall down the stairs lol(;

28, Haha well I'm glad to help out. :)

I can picture it... " see sweetie it perfectly safe. you will never ever get hur-" -tumbles and falls- "shit. shit shit shit shitt!!!!!!" -kid runs away screamingg-

it's also for helping people who have various handicaps, @25. which is definitely not the cause of obesity.

*is perfectly safe.

26 I was thinking the exact same thing

ydi for being a virgin

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climacophobia, your kid has it now!

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Ep1c Fa1lUr3

lol u think ur cool

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haha that's Dry and crispy

YDI for having a deck. YDI for having a house. YDI for wearing shoes. YDI for having stairs without the protection of Pusher Robot (but Shover Robot is malfunctioning). YDI for having a head to fall down first.

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I want to shoot #8 in the face. That is all.

with nerf balls soaked in boiling tar

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oh yeah! trollz, i can lick my nose ^-^

ydi for pretty much all your comments

trollz your other pic was better. :P

@ #8: Must you troll every single post?

#54- I try to, but I skip the occassional one. I'm as lazy as anyone else. YDI for reading.

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Lol ^^

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bummerr :) fyl

all I can say is bad parenting skills ;)

almao! FYL! hahah but gave me a laughhhh! XD

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i bet those were some very painful splinters