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Well, at least you don't have to worry about your three year old tripping on their shoe, and falling head first down every step. Then ending up getting 5 stitches in their head.

Your child is going to be physiologically scarred by stairs for the rest of his life... he'll be in a therapy session and be like "I don't know why...but when I get near's like some deep down inner fear..*breaks down crying*" I can see it now. they'll make a movie on it. after the novel of course.

that's why they invented escalators, elevators, and ramps. mhm mhm. true story.

And besides, why the fuck would you have an elevator or escalator attached to your deck?

it's funny because that stuff is only supposed to happen in cartoons

wowwwww lmfao @17 ahahahaha and wow OP that sucks ahaha but look on the brightside.. if he isn't n e where near the stairs he can't fall down the stairs lol(;

28, Haha well I'm glad to help out. :)

I can picture it... " see sweetie it perfectly safe. you will never ever get hur-" -tumbles and falls- "shit. shit shit shit shitt!!!!!!" -kid runs away screamingg-

it's also for helping people who have various handicaps, @25. which is definitely not the cause of obesity.

*is perfectly safe.

26 I was thinking the exact same thing

ydi for being a virgin

climacophobia, your kid has it now!

Ep1c Fa1lUr3

lol u think ur cool

haha that's Dry and crispy

YDI for having a deck. YDI for having a house. YDI for wearing shoes. YDI for having stairs without the protection of Pusher Robot (but Shover Robot is malfunctioning). YDI for having a head to fall down first.

I want to shoot #8 in the face. That is all.

with nerf balls soaked in boiling tar

oh yeah! trollz, i can lick my nose ^-^

ydi for pretty much all your comments

trollz your other pic was better. :P

@ #8: Must you troll every single post?

#54- I try to, but I skip the occassional one. I'm as lazy as anyone else. YDI for reading.

all I can say is bad parenting skills ;)

almao! FYL! hahah but gave me a laughhhh! XD

i bet those were some very painful splinters