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By  CoyoteOldOne  |  17

His "apology" was to insult your appearance? I hope this girl you caught him with also realizes what kind of catch he is. If she knew he was cheating, then she probably deserves him, though.

Wow. Good riddance to that guy. Thank heaven's you didn't waste any _more_ years with someone who turned out to be like that. Better to be single than hostage to an emotional parasite. If you don't like being single, there's lots of other people out there that don't cheat on and then insult their partners of six years.

I hope he gets crabs.

By  S6eyrkkht  |  12

So in other words, for six years, he was fucking with you and he says you look like a dude?! Ummm yea he's gay! He didn't just wake up one day and look at you differentially. He's been gay for at least 6 years 🤣