By killmenow - 10/09/2012 17:52 - United States - Seattle

Today, I was out shopping, when I noticed a teenage girl with a double stroller picking up a pack of condoms. I couldn't help but mutter that it was a little late for those. A guy who must have been her boyfriend then stormed over and beat the shit out of me. FML
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MonsterCommenter 4

You sir, have reached level 99 of Assholishness and YDI.

I wish I could hit YDI twice. Douche.


MonsterCommenter 4

You sir, have reached level 99 of Assholishness and YDI.

I agree that he is a asshole, but why do guys have to resort to violence?

starman02 12

Violence probably helped make him feel better.

How many levels are there?

loserboii 11

There are 9,000 levels.

12 - Guys? Generalizing a bit aren't we? I could ask why do all girls become ****** who are more concerned with getting their "fill" than being safe. Isn't using absolutes fun.

sorry OP the bf was a bit sensitive. But you should have stuck up for yourself :(

I probably would've thought the same thing though. Next time just say it in your head OP.

1# not really truth hurts.

lilpanda4 5

I agree i mean really a dbl stroller she abviously doesn't really give a shit

amandajlucas2015 2

Y can't u just mind ur own business.. Or maybe ur just jealous bcuz ur not getting any so u feel the need to put others down so don't come asking for my sympathy lol i r suk at teh spellinz

27 - There are OVER 9000 levels.

42- you don't even know they're her kids so stop judging.

Vegeta what's the scouter say about his power level? It's over 9000!

#43 I understood what you said. However this site has a rule no use of text language. This is the third comment that I personally seen you use text language. You make yourself look uneducated. I am far from perfect when it comes to grammar and spelling. However I at least attempt too. So please try next time and perhaps you won't get thumbed down so much. Just some friendly advice. As for Op how do you know they were her kids? Perhaps she was babysitting them? Also I do think the boyfriend did over react a little bit, if he truly was the father of those kids maybe he the boyfriend needs to grow up and be mature. Violence will only end you up in jail regardless of the situation, and you can't take care of or see you're kids in jail.

Shut up 43....

Veldan 1

Sorry guys, but you're all being jerks about this. He didn't say the girl was a **** or that her being pregnant or a mother at that age was wrong. He simply said "A little late for those" in reference to condoms when she already (he assumed) had two kids. It's a joke AND true. You're just assuming that he is insulting her.

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100, He made a smart remark about the woman who in his eyes looked like a teen for assuming she was a mother of 2, I say YDI, next time he should keep his comments to himself. 110, Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react, I'm ashamed of today's society but there is nothing we can do about that.

That's assault. Sure OP deserved it, but if the boyfriend isn't careful his kids won't have a dad for a while.

Geez. How do you know she's a teenager? How do you know the kids are hers? You don't. You seem like one of those assholes that judge everyone. Even if she was a teenager and they were her kids, keep it to yourself. I'm not a teenager and just about every time I go into public I get judged by someone. Apperently I look younger then I am. I can't help it. Sorry, rant over. YDI.

Sorry but can you re-type you comment? I can't understand what you are trying to say.

spiritfang11237 16

I agree what he said should've stayed in his head. There was no way of telling for certain they were her kids unless she was asked. It could've been her younger siblings that she was babysitting. But I must admit, the same thought would've probably occured in my head under similar conditions.

100 - nobody is being a jerk about it. OP should learn to mind his own goddam business, and he won't get his ass kicked by dudes in stores. Besides, maybe the couple buying condoms actually wanted the two kids, and are now taking steps to prevent the pregnancy they don't want? Yep, it's definitely a YDI.

noelykins1 19

Well actually I can't blame him. Everyone judges by first appearance, and if I saw a girl who clearly looks like a teenager with two kids in a stroller and getting box of condoms yeah I would assume just as OP did. However the boyfriend shouldn't have decided to get violent he could of asked OP to not say that stuff. Besides most of the time if someone looks like a teenager they are a teenager. Also, I don't think OP deserves to be attacked for having his own opinion and judgment. Sure he could of kept it in his head, but OP was speaking to himself not directly to the girl and the boyfriend.

And honestly I don't get why it is so bad anyway! People with kids are allowed to have sex and if they don't want another kid, condoms get the job done. She could have looked great for her age and had wanted both children assuming they were hers, and even so, responsibility in the future is hard to criticize because of irresponsibility in the past. It shows thy learned and have grown. I don't think anything negative of any people buying condoms.

He deserved it? He said it was a TEENAGE GIRL!!!! She must be one hell of a ****.

I really wonder how truly beat up the poster got. Aside from that, I don't blame him for thinking it, but don't ******* say it out loud.

#27 too funny! Hahhaha

PYLrulz 17

203 - It's one thing to assume in your head. Once you let it come put of your mouth... That's why they say it's better to keep your mouth shut, and let people think of you as an idiot, than opening your mouth, and removing all doubt.

How would you have known they were her kids? I mean, obviously it turned they were (her boyfriend came and beat you up), but really? I had a summer job taking care of someone's kids, and you would not believe the shit I got from people thinking they were mine. One woman told me I'd be an "interesting topic" for a documentary. The moral of the story is, just because it's a teenager with kids, doesn't mean the kids are hers.

I completely agree!

Good JOB! I would storm on over and punch you to! YDI ass wipe! (y)

27- It's over 9000.

hahaha i get it.

9,001 levels.

Maybe she had twins

It will go away soon op :)

Sexy_Kisses14 8

Hey that was u!! Dick!!!

I wish I could hit YDI twice. Douche.

OP deserved it for muttering so dang loud. I'm actually glad my voice doesn't carry, I can practically shout at idiots and they don't even here me.

Psych101 9

44- So he only deserves if it the boyfriend hears him? That belongs with the phrase "It's only cheating if you get caught."

The fact that she was buying condoms while pushing a stroller points to the very possible fact that those are her kids. Why else would her boyfriend get so pissed if they were someone else's?

112- Well even if they weren't her kids, he basically just implied the guy's girlfriend was a ****. Wouldn't you be just a little bit pissed off if someone said that about your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Mommyof2_91 10

It's not too late to prevent having 3 kids, and I'm pretty sure that's what she was trying to prevent. So regardless, OPs comment was stupid. It's not like she thought the other 2 would go away from buying condoms... Well I'd hope she wouldn't think that at least.

BunchieRules 31

3 - You can. Vote on your account (I assume you already did), then sign out and vote again. Remember, you don't have to have an account to vote. :)

obviously that's what she was tying to prevent. assuming that the 2 were her kids at all. I'm sure it didn't even cross OP's mind that she was trying to get rid of the first two with condoms! he was making a joke. as in "oh, you're a little late. yes, condoms will prevent yet another kid, but you should have thought of that earlier, before the first two." get it now? btw. are you the subject of this FML? because you're young and a mother of 2… (just to clarify, this is a joke. just like OP's comment. in case you're too dumb to figure that out yourself)

Mommyof2_91 10

No, in not too dumb to figure that out just like I wasnt too dumb to know he was making a joke also. But the joke was stupid.

Mommyof2_91 10

For future reference I do not need people explaining jokes to me. I was simply making a point that his joke was stupid and ignorant to say to somebody he doesn't even know.

habibiiiiiii 2

Yeah defend yourself mommyof2!

BeBraveLiveLife 2

You're such a dick.

desireev 17

And you, missalkali, are rude. That is all.

I have 4 kids of my own and me and my wife are younger I would be pissed if someone said that to her joke or not it was still inappropriate people nowadays have a hard time keeping their thoughts to themselves

105 - I think he deserves it for saying it out loud. No matter the volume. I bet many would think it and be judgmental, but OP should learn to keep his snarky comments to himself.

TabooSushi 24

You totally deserved that for being a presumptious jerk. How did you know she was actually a teenager anyway? She could have just been a very young looking adult. My friend is 24 and pregnant with her first child, but she's so short and tiny that she looks about 13, she always HAS looked about ten years younger than she is.

WearingHats 14

I don't want to know what she looked like when she was born.

So when she was ten she looked like an infant and when she was an infant no one could see her?

I used to get dirty looks when I would mind a neighbour's kids as a teen but it was nothing compared to the onslaught I got when I was pregnant. One woman berated me for being an unmarried teen mother-to-be. I was actually in my 20s and married, with very swollen fingers. I won't get political here but I will say if you're not part of the solution, stfu and mind your own business.

Or she was babysitting....

I was pregnant and married at 19 and I got scowled at too many times to count. I really don't like ppl like op.

My mother is 36 and most people think she is 18 and that we are siblings. I guess I must have inherited that gene because in my freshman year of high school, people swore that I was 10 years old, despite me having a deep voice. It's a possibility that that "teenager" can be 29 or maybe even older!

Even if she is a teenager you don't be a dick and say shit like that YDI

Yes and besides it could have been her siblings, nephews or cousins or babies she was baby-sitting, who knows? Even if they are her babies, does that mean that she is not supposed to use condoms from now on? Stop being so judgmental, you did ask for it.

I'm like your friend i'm 34 years old and i was really fat people would ask me when the baby was due ugh and sometimes people still do since I'm still fat so when people see big belly they think preggos ugh!

I agree with #4, you totally deserve it. Why? Because my wife was once called a baby-factory because we were pushing around a double stroller with two babies in it and had two other children walking along side of it. Two of the kids were ours and two belonged to a friend that we were babysitting for. Things aren't always what they seem and people should keep stupid comments to themselves.

I'm 21 (in 2 weeks), but people ALWAYS think I'm 15-16. And people are always judging and making snide remarks when they see that I'm engaged, because they think I'm being some silly school girl, rather than an actual grown woman... Can't wait for that rain of judgment when I get pregnant, and they think I'm a teenage mum :/

OP is an assuming idiot.

I'm 20 and I occasionally babysit my little brother who is 2. I always get some dirty looks from people who automatically assume he's my child. People should learn not to be so ignorant and prejudice.

Exactly! I'm 18 and people always think I'm 12 because I'm short and look really young for my age. People shouldn't assume things. OP deserved what he got for that rude presumptuous remark.

That must have been weird for the guy who knocked up your friend to have sex with a girl who looks 13.

So when she was ten she had the features of a fetus?

SenselessPattern 12

#160 That story is just sad enough to receive a performance played on the world's smallest violin.

I agree! She could've been babysitting as well. The other day I was babysitting a five and three year old and a man walking through the park thought I was their mother...I'm 17 and definitely not having kids anytime soon!

Thats a good boyfriend... Although she should have been more careful.

dontyawishyaknew 12

Been more careful? For all you know she could be watching her siblings or she could be older than she looks.

Or she wanted to be a young mom. Me and my wife are only 20 and we have a beautiful daughter.

good boyfriend? hes probably some douchebag with a snap back covering half hos face and just wants to nail teens. too bad he got that girl knocked up

118- Just because you can make a baby doesn't mean you should. If everything does work out for you with little difficulty, that's great. You are, however, the exception and not the rule.

153, people used to get married at much younger than 20. It's only become the norm to hold off because of the increasing amount of time it takes for people to become dependent due to the need to go to college to get a good job. If he can handle a wife and kid at 20, who the heck are you to judge?

PYLrulz 17

130 - What!? 153 - And if they can support a kid, then what?!?

Well said 189 :)

A funny thought that should stay a thought.

persianjr1 7

"i couldn't help but mutter". Seriously do you have turrets?

If his brain had protective devices such as turrets, they would have stopped his thought from exiting his mouth.

Kallian_fml 21

148 - Your comment just made my day.

YDI! My god that might just be some kids she's watching or her siblings. You shouldn't judge her, OP.

Never stick your nose where it doesn't belong.

jaredofmo 22

Like a piranha tank. Or a tank of whupass.

wildsweetchild 19

8-100% agree. OP you sooo deserve it! You don't know her..maybe she wanted to have 2 kids and simply looks younger than she really is. Jokes are jokes, but there is right time and place for them. Being a smartass in the wrong place and time can get your ass kicked. Hopefully a lesson learned.

solosohigh 15

a.) I am 23 and have been mistaken for a young teenager many times. b.) even if she hypothetically did make a mistake, that doesn't mean she shouldn't learn from it and try to prevent it in the future. ydi

Yea, just because she already has kids doesn't automatically mean she's not allowed to protect herself ever again. What if she doesn't want to have more children?

persianjr1 7

I don't think you got it ^

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taka3000000o 8

Yes exactly there was no reason to resort to violence

Did deserve it because he insulted her. But I agree about the assault

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Right...*that's* what caused the decline of mankind. Assault is not politically incorrect - it's illegal. There's no way the world would be improved if we were suddenly allowed to beat people who offend us in some way. OP was a dick. I have the feeling he wouldn't have learnt his lesson any other way. But, though it might feel good to see a douche get his comeuppance, of course violence was not the best solution. Satisfying, but wrong.

Even though her boyfriend beat him up OP still deserved it ...

SenselessPattern 12

52# Have you been watching too much Jersey Shore? No way in hell, earth, heaven, not even on the goddamn sun, is a 'little violence' beneficial. It's destructive and causes many of the problems we have today. I'm not saying violence is always wrong, but it's never 'good'. Do all the people thumbing you up enjoy thrashing people who dislike them or make eye contact for too long?

Mommyof2_91 10

Well I would never attack somebody violently unless they came at me first, but I'm a proud mother of two kids and if somebody said that to me I would be offended. It's just ignorant/disrespectful of him. Especially to say it about a complete stranger, I know I would wan't beat the crap out of him for sure. But as I said earlier I wouldn't. I can just see somebody with less control over their anger do something. Hopefully OP will be less of a dick now and realize his words can really offend and piss people off.

cradle6 13

Why is 11 getting thumbed down??? Do people on here really think that a minor comment from someone is grounds for violent assault? It's one thing to yell back at the person, or make a snarky comment back, but violently attacking someone who is not a threat to you is psychotic. Thumb me down if you must, but some of you guys need to get your priorities in check.

I agree with #181, the fact that a large majority of the FML community thinks OP deserves getting beaten up for muttering a somewhat snide remark is downright scary. I am seriously worried for the future of our species.

PYLrulz 17

I think it's for the fact the guy thinks he DIDN'T deserve it. Yes, violence is wrong, but there are certain situations where one is asking got it when they go about making comments like that

PYLrulz 17

Got = for. Don't know why my iPhone autocorrected it that way

In case nobody has noticed, violence and lust are two qualities that mankind has carried within since the beginning of existence. To deny your primal instincts is to deny the very thing that makes you human.

132 how can violence not always be bad but never good O.o

266 - keep that in mind next time someone is bashing you. Your justification is hardly a good reason to bash someone. That's why it's called primitive. You said it yourself. You'd hope that most people have some courtesy and are beyond that but I guess the trend seems to be going backwards these days.

How is this a situation that Gould result in violence? Yes, he made a bad comment, but he did not deserve to getting beat up. I hope he pressed charges on assault.