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  FMLRevoluSean  |  0

Well op if you know longer enjoy sex you should do the opposite of most girls and get him to cum faster then you can fuck him 3x a day in 5 minutes total. Or just treat sex as a workout and burn those calories so you won't get too fat.


I see some dumb comments, but that is a really common side effect of the pill. I fail to see how 'getting another boyfriend' would help. It's a chemical thing. If you do have sex a bit more than you feel like, you start feeling like having it more, though. If it's a problem, I suggest that. If not, there's not really an FML here.

  hollee  |  0

ok now I know why u irritate me, ur obviously not 99 lbs. u don't look anywhere close to that sweetie. if ur gonna lie, try and make it at least somewhat believable. and pretending ur skeletal is not even cute.

  skelator  |  3

srry if it double posts but it disapeared...

although I don't agree you are 99 pounds you are definately not fat. you're very pretty and I think he meant he wants sex with you, ratherthan burning calories.