By notamum - 29/03/2014 02:07 - Australia - Belmont

Today, I was babysitting my 4-month-old niece at the park, when a woman came up to me and said, "Don't worry, dear. You'll get your figure back soon." FML
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That's the kind of situation where you're torn between feeling grateful because the sentiment is nice or insulted because you (indirectly) just got called fat.

Aww, that would be rude even if you were the mom. :( sorry op.


That's the kind of situation where you're torn between feeling grateful because the sentiment is nice or insulted because you (indirectly) just got called fat.

Being called fat is not rude, it is a matter of fact from an observation. Fat people are fat. When they realise it, they will do something about it. Instead of tip toeing around the fact, let's confront it. The world has an obesity problem! Lets not ignore it, lets do something about it. P.S. I am fat too, but trying to do something about it, mostly because my doctor asked me if, my wife is trying to kill me by over feeding me.

that depends on who you ask. i consider someone telling another they are fat or too skinny rude and insulting. and MAYBE they have realised it. MAYBE its a medical problem that isnt easily fixed. and people have different observations of fat. i've known people who were a size 12 called fat.

#26 reality is too harsh, let's all blame our glands and bad genetics for being fat! Incoming soap box. In seriousness though you make a perfectly valid point. I find it funny how people on the internet always make fun of bodybuilders and power lifters or "gym douchebags" in general when they're most likely overweight and have low self esteem. That or any time someone is called fat people say "that's rude they shouldn't say that to you." If a person had said "wow you have a great body" we would be ok with it. but because someone offers encouragement to someone who's overweight it's seen as bad. That person is considered rude or uncouth, even though she was trying to be positive. Just a funny double standard I always notice.

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Either way I look at it it's rude to just up and say something like that to a person. Whether they are fat or not. There's helpful criticism and then there's hurtful criticism, but even then that's a fine line.

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my sister is overweight and completely happy, healthy, and confident. She is a chef and she knows she is larger than normal but she doesn't care because she chooses to be happy. I think that's a beautiful thing.

#47 that's a good point but I still don't understand how someone could enjoy having all that extra weight attached to them.

#57, because putting it there was very delicious.

#57 I'd be fine with being overweight if it weren't for all those clothes I can't wear because my butt and thighs are too large.

Aww, that would be rude even if you were the mom. :( sorry op.

Totally agree. That was downright rude.

She was just trying to be comforting and encouraging - a lot of new mums worry about their bodies after birth. Unfortunately she went the completely wrong way about it. Should never jump to conclusions like that either

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She was completely rude!! Some women have a very hard time losing weight after giving birth and it can be very discouraging for a complete stranger to make such a rude comment. I was always pretty skinny and after I had my 1st son I had a difficult time losing and keeping the weight off. It hasn't gotten easier since my 2nd son was born. People don't need to make assumptions and put their nose where it doesn't belong. Sorry OP that lady was such a bitch!

The kid was 4 so clearly not a new mom.

Well, just look at it like a compliment instead of an insult. The lady meant well.

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I absolutely fail to see how telling someone that they look like they've just given birth and are still saddled with the baby fat is a compliment.

Tell her to go back to her home on ***** Island.

Bit ironic that someone with a Ron Burgundy pic doesn't get the joke...

We get the joke, don't worry about that. It's just that this joke doesn't apply to this situation, the same way you don't use a keyboard to measure the atmospheric pressure.

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shit, you don't? I'm measuring all wrong!

how rude. sorry to hear about that, some people should keep their rude comments to them selves

askullnamedbilly 33

The amount of smartarse comments from strangers who 'mean well' by giving unsolicited (and usually vaguely insulting) advice seem to increase exponentially whenever pregnancy and having kids is involved. Sorry OP, try to ignore what she said.

Eh, at least they were trying to be nice. Too bad they failed.

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How were they trying to be nice?!?! There isn't one thing nice about what she said.

You should a said "Lady, I'll get my figure back long before you learn some tact and manners!"

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I feel like I've read this one before

Because it happens all the time. I can't walk around with my nephew outside without getting unsolicited parenting advice or disdainful looks because I look like I'm still 17.