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Today, in history class I was called "ignorant" and "inconsiderate" because I referred to Stalin as a "he". FML
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I'm sure he was a man.

lol what? but...he is a "he"...we dont have to always call him by name...not just him but anyone...or am i missing something here?


lol what? but...he is a "he"...we dont have to always call him by name...not just him but anyone...or am i missing something here?

the only logical and reasonable solution i see here is to summon stalins ghost and ask what gender he identifies himself as so we can be 100% sure *herpderp*

Maybe Stalin was an in the closet he woman? Idk

Swandive235 27

I have no hope for this generation.

I could see summoning Stalin's ghost ending absolutly horribly

I say a meme once of a doctor holding a baby in the delivery room. The parents ask "Doctor, what is it?" To which he responds "we will just have to wait until it decides."

I saw one that was the opposite. The doctor said "Congrats! It's a boy!" and the mother was screaming "How dare you define my child's gender!!"

Either way it's just retarded.

Probably because people would use "it" to dehumanize him. Sure, he was an asshole and a godawful leader, but he's still human.

Monty Python & the Meaning of Life: New Mother: "Is it a boy or a girl?" Orderly: "I think it's rather early to be imposing roles on it, don't you?"

People with their made up genders, (bigender, agender, genderfluid, pangender, polygender) now it's not PC unless we ask "What pronouns do you prefer?" and some people say their pronouns are "they". It's just ridiculous.

My guess is that there was someone so sincerely stupid they didn't know who Stalin was.

Most of those aren't made up, and "they" has always been a gender neutral pronoun.

101 what's so ridiculous about trying to be respectful and considerate of those around you....

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I agree that people should try to be considerate towards others but I think that its gotten a little out of hand

It's always funny to see people genuinely complain about respecting other people. It doesn't take much effort to ask what someone's pronouns are and use them. That's in general, though. As for this FML? Stalin was a dude as far as we know, so I don't understand why anyone would get offended on his behalf when people refer to him as a "he". Bizarre.

Most people I know just correct you if you accidentally say the wrong pronoun. It's purposefully using it after they correct you that is upsetting.

The same reason people get offended when no one calls for it... They want to complain, bitch, and moan about how "unfair, wrong, racist, sexist, ect." The other person is to render them, or their argument invalid. Otherwise, I agree with the first paragraph, though I believe it is getting out of hand a bit.

If you start saying "call me xe, xer, xerself" I'm going to call you a he or a she.

absolutely right. it's just getting to become too funny to take seriously

But it is hard. I'm not gonna ask every person what their "pronouns" are. It's all bs

This app is too damn liberal.

No one says you have to ask everyone what their pronouns are, it's been said before that usually if you use the wrong pronoun they'll correct you and if they're decent people they won't get offended unless you purposely use the wrong one afterwards

It's California.

Well obviously you should have said "she." *walks off to applause

I'm sure he was a man.

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nobody caught your sarcasm. at least i hope sarcasm.

I think most users got the sarcasm because without sarcasm my comment would be too trivial to be upvoted.

What sarcasm was in your comment?

Pretty sure he was a mahogany desk

Just ignore people like that, they obviously failed biology.

Yeah, preschool biology.

Preschool biology? "I'll show you mine if you show me yours!"

Maybe they thought it was a country

I don't know why this is downvoted so much. Some people are probably stupid enough to think Stalin was a country.

I have never been more confused at an FML in my life. People will seriously get offended over anything.

what the **** is that supposed to mean? ???

u wanna (ง •̀_•́)ง bro?!

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As IYo I know it has nothing to do with this FML and I'm sorry bout that but your little emoji thing (I'm horrible at trying to have text savvy talk well and technology in general) made my day got so many weird looks from people as i had laughed snorted! hahaha XD

you're welcome ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I applaud your use of intricate faces

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The Unicode emoticons have been spread!

Any chance they missheard or you misspoke? I could see someone getting that response if they called Stalin a "she".

Even if they accidentally said 'she' how would that make them inconsiderate and ignorant?

I could see a over zealous feminist type getting up in a huff if someone "assumed" Stalin to be female due to females being the devil and the source of all evil and whatnot. Especially if they were recently in a fight about how women are the cause of all problems

That sounds like you're seriously grasping at straws. lol.

#23, um that's not how feminism works. As a feminist, I'll admit, some do become overzealous about the gender issue and stuff, getting angry at slip ups and assumptions when it is really unnecessary. However, feminists don't think women are the devil and the source of all evil though lol. If anything, feminism is the opposite, they think women are equal, not the source of society's problems, and not evil either. Radicals would probably even say that women are morally superior, and it's men that are the source of all evil and society's issues, which is ridiculous too.

#86 Modern feminism in the United States, along with most first-world countries, has become pointless. Most of the main issues that are cited, like the wage gap, have been disproven. Because real issues have gone away, they just attack anything they don't like. Look up Gamergate if you don't believe me.

#107 I'm not getting into a debate with you about feminism. Let people identify with whatever movement they please as long as they aren't hurting anyone or being bullies. I even support people who call themselves men's rights activists and whatever else, because as long as they aren't prompting abuse or being discriminatory, I have no right to criticize how they identify themselves and tell them what they're promoting is useless and wrong. As a feminist, I did not agree with the GamerGate scandal, I criticized other feminists when they went after the scientist for his shirt and lots of other incidents where it's been an overreaction to something minor. I believe men and women are equal and should be equal, and me calling myself a feminist to express this is not hurting anyone. In fact the reason I call myself a feminist is simply because I support women's rights. There's also an equivalent definition for men in this, which is called being a masculinist, which I also identify with. The other reason I say I'm a feminist is because around the world in other countries, women are not totally equal yet, and I refuse to stop promoting women's rights until all my fellow women have the same freedoms I do.

There are young girls being trafficked and forced to be sex slaves. There are girls who are denied education and girls who can't leave the country without permission from a man. These are the issues "feminists" should be concerned about and that I believe this poster (I can't see numbers anywhere) is discussing. However it is also true that a lot of western "feminists" are concerned with virtually or completely non existent problems. They aren't feminists in the sense of the word. They are "crazy people". When someone identifies as a feminist it can be for good reasons. So don't be so quick to judge someone who may just be promoting equality.

Does anyone else enjoy the fact that the poster talking about women being the root of evil has the name crazychic?

#114, the comment you replied to was basically informing you that in the western world, Feminism is basically a group of bullies who hurt people over their personal, impulsive emotional responses. Your reply to this is "as long as they're not hurting anyone it's okay. as for masculinism, I've never heard of it. I have heard of Meninism, though. You know, the satirical movement that goes out yelling women are evil and then promptly gets removed forcefully from the campus they visited, all in a demonstration of how feminists who scream all men are pigs (pretty much any recent college protest should prove this point) should get the same reaction. Point is I assume masculinism was coined in much the same vain. I do suggest the egalitarian movement but if none pof this sways you and you want to keep going for feminist then I cannot stop you and I wouldn't have it any other way

His mustache was manlier than my penis

Maybe it is this fad about egregious cultural sensitivity ... perhaps they wanted you to use the Russian pronoun "Oh" instead of the English "He"

xcllla_ 27

Just to correct you: in Russian it's "On", not "Oh".

Sorry, I meant to write it as a capital "H" like the Cyrillic script ...