By Sarsippius - 18/05/2013 05:22

Today, I took a nap, and I had a dream that my ex-girlfriend got back together with me. I woke up in a great mood. When I went back to bed, I dreamed that she broke up with me, again. FML
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Perhaps it's time to move on, sorry OP it's hard to do but it gets better :)


Perhaps it's time to move on, sorry OP it's hard to do but it gets better :)

OneLittleAdditio 9

I agree but it sucks having to relive a break up :(

He needs to take his mind off her. Play some vidya games OP!

Whoa...can't even keep her in your dreams.

If everyone got what they wanted in their dreams, then there would be no such thing as Nightmares.

Unless someone dreams that everyone has nightmares.

007type 26

Make sure to keep your naps longer than your sleep.

When you asked her if you could get back together, she did not say in your wildest dreams did she?

The subconscious sucks. Always throwing guilt into dreams.

If OP is dreaming of getting back together with her, why not just get back together with her?

It was a dream come true! ... Wait, other way around

If you stop thinking of her then she won't be in your dreams as much. I can't watch any horror movies before bed or else I'm going to have one hell of a scary ass night...

Well you have to just pick yourself up and get back out there OP. This happens to everyone, and every person thinks it is the end of the world, but its not. It will get better!