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By  Dreamsorrow93  |  24

Time to buy her a new one you soulless monster! Who would take a small animals favorite toy!

  Dreamsorrow93  |  24

I'm sure washing it would of worked too. They eat puke and poo im sure it will not kill it.

  morghandi  |  21

I think they got down-voted because of the way they said it.. and there was no mention of cleaning the toy in the original comment. And besides, just because a dog /will/ eat those things doesn't mean they should be /allowed/ to. It still carries bacteria.

I have to take toys away from my dog all the time because she chews them up and they become dangerous choking hazards.

  Khaleesi_26  |  30

No.29, I'm not defending No.1, but her hair could easily be brown. In my picture my hair also looks red but it's really brown by changing the lighting you can get it too look that way easily.

  junkman6  |  22

I gotta agree with número uno on this one. Dogs eat their own shit and lick up their own puke. You probably didn't even need to rinse the toy. 5 minutes after she puked on it it would have only been covered in slobber.

Ill caveat this by saying I've only ever raised mutts and hunting dogs so I never had to worry about them dying from a stiff breeze like overbred pure breeds.


dogs eating their own poo means they are lacking a specific vitamin that it contains. eating their own puke is a survival instinct neither will harm it at all as it carries the same bacteria as whats inside the dog.
as to the toy could have easily soaked it and shoved it through the wash and it should have been fine. i have a dog that does the same thing on occasion. hooe the doggy got another toy.... poor thing

  orbit  |  22

I agree with #1, the toy could have easily been washed. Instead, op threw it away and is saying "fml" because they chose to throw it away instead of washing it.

  junkman6  |  22

I'm sorry this is hilarious. "You people" probably call the dog whisperer whenever he barks at nothing to find out what his internal message was.

Dogs will be dogs. They lick their own asshole then lick your face, they chase cats, and they enjoy playing fetch. Worrying about a little vomit or poop eating is ridiculous. Like I said, unless you have a purebred specialty dog that dies when the breeze is too rough, just let em do their thing.

#1 you may be a soulless ginger like my nephew but you aren't as much of a monster as OP is. :P

  schwaka  |  17

#50 you probably could but I wouldn't recommend it. You can actually drink your own urine 2 or 3 times if there isn't any water.

People take the bacteria thing way too far. There are bacteria everywhere. The bacteria that causes staph infections lives on your skin, ecoli lives in your intestines, etc. Bacteria eat a lot of your dead skin cells.

Your immune system actually develops and strengthens by being exposed to bacteria.

The toy could have been cleaned easily.

  JonDG  |  12

I would just like to go out on a limb here and say that the reason behind #1 getting so many thumbs down is because of the "soulless monster" part.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Maybe op didn't want to have puke in her washing machine and preferred buying a new toy instead. It also could have been more than just vomit, maybe it was destroyed or something. I know my dog can get too excited and rip up a toy and eat the stuffing which causes him to vomit.