By kimm1993 - United States - Chicago
Today, I showed the kids I was babysitting a picture of my daughter, and the little girl asked, "You have a baby in your belly?" I said, "No, she's not in my belly anymore," and the little girl replied, "But it's BIG," and patted my stomach. FML
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ViRepz...after having noticed your last 12 or so comments, I can't help but feel that you have many issues of your own in life, and you take out your frustration on random posters on FML by busting their chops (or trying to, anyway) and putting their comments down. Stop being so angry...breathe. Smile. Your parents love you. Go ask for a hug. PS- please don't feel obliged to reply. Good day. :)

  Wizardo  |  33

#16, He's just an angry, sad, little man but if he continues to improve his comments he could be that one hilarious and bitter guy that everyone needs to know. Also I have a feeling him and olpally may be distantly related what with all the anger flowing out of them.

  Amoondris  |  17

Or she can have an extremely young baby, it is common to have a "baby belly" for a few months after having the child. Your skin has to go from being stetched to what your body needs to relearn what is/was normal.

By  lalalaisling  |  10

Don't worry OP :) I'm sure you're lovely as you are. I've had quite a few experiences like that with kids myself, they don't know any better. You just gotta laugh it off and remember that you're beautiful!

  dancer4life143  |  13

Exactly! I have pretty bad acne and kids always ask me why I have red bumpy things on my face. It used to embarass me really badly but now I just laugh it off and explain to them what acne is(: and some of the kids are super sweet and will tell me things like "yay! Your bumps are going away!" haha

By  tralala453  |  22

She's only a kid, don't take it too seriously.

  tralala453  |  22

Not lie, but they can exaggerate.