By Chubs - Norway
Today, I was playing with my kid cousin outside. It was warm, so I was wearing my new bikini, and felt pretty good about myself. She suddenly turns to me and asks: "How come your tits are so small when you have such a big belly?" FML
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  CRlovers123  |  0

woow. anyone who is confident enough to wear a bikini should wear one no matter what body shape she is. jerks who say ppl who are fat can't wear bikinis are jerks. if she's confident enough to wear it then wear it with pride no matter what people say.


actually, no. despite your brilliant "jerks are jerks" argument, they shouldn't for the same reason you shouldn't fart loudly in a crowded train or piss on other peoples shoes. It's fucking inconsiderate. Just because you're fat and like it that way doesn't mean anyone wants to see your wobbling belly.

  jwp0211  |  17

Just because you think every single person has to be 110 lbs or under doesn't mean you need to go around saying "OMG you're fat get it fixed"