By fattie4life - 20/07/2009 22:33 - United States

Today, I was on the phone with my little sister as she explained that all these guys like her now that she's so skinny and beautiful. My mom must have overheard me tell my sister that at least I was a cuter child, because my mom laughed and said, "Yeah right, we had to buy you fat kid diapers." FML
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YDI for lying Off topic: not first.

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Number 1: IDG how she deserves it. Just because she's overweight doesn't mean she's not cute. And, to the OP. Your mother is a ******* retard. I swear, I hate parents like yours. I bet the OP's mom is a drunky.

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people are so quick to call the mom names. you guys don't know the whole story. maybe her sister IS cuter. and don't call the mom a retard i hate people that use that word to insult someone. Just cause her mom told her the truth doesn't make her stupid.

What is it with moms these days? jeez.

I agree. Why do moms have to say things like that? My friend is pretty fat and quiet and his mom is always like "You'll never get a girlfriend! Hahaha you're fat, try to get a girl!" It's like SHUT UP. Stupid...

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Probably one of those stupid hill billy moms who's daughter gets pregnant at 16.

I know, parents can be such assholes these days

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Haha I agree with #3. XDD Fat kid diapers?

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I'm picturing YOU a sumo wrestler. You won't even post a picture of yourself. LOL. Your life must suck worse than the OP if you have to put a picture of a baby up instead of your face up.

you wont post a picture of yourself either

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You must have a promblem with your eye sockets, because I believe there is a picture posted of myself.. but not one of yourself. Hypocrite.

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I bet Chris is cuter.. I can already tell .. ha..........

that's not a very attractive picture you just look like a pale douchebag.

Lol YDI for trying to beat your little sister..

I agree. She was trying to bring her sister down and it backfired. Who counters "All these guys like me because I'm skinny and beautiful" with.... "Well, I was a cuter kid."

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Its a little like peaking in High school I assume. You always have to bring up your prime which is now meaningless, except OP thinks she peaked at three.

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she could have been saying in a joking way 'at least i was a cuter child'

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I don't. I see all these chubby formula-fed babies, wearing clothes that are meant for ages way above them, and they're all shorter and younger than my son. I think it's sad. Way to set kids up for life-long obesity.

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babies are supposed to eat and get fat once they start walking it comes off and they'll slim down. stop starving your kid because you think its going to make them obese smh

Yeah... unless you encourage your kid to eat healthy and be active at the same time, you're going to totally mess up their metabolism and they might end up obese anyways. Remember though, that some people are just born that way, large or small. The the OP, don't worry about it. I was the biggest baby of my two sisters and I, and now I'm the smallest, particularly in height.

...and while you're talking about clothes. Have you noticed how skanky little girl's clothes have gotten lately? It's because so many women are the same size as kids now and they have to do their shopping in the kid's section. I think the fact that grown women have to wear little girl's clothes is more pathetic.

#39 - I think the real problem here is vanity sizing. Oftentimes small-framed women are relegated to shopping in the kids section because of size inflation. I wear a 0 or XS in some stores, and I am definitely not thin. Sometimes I wonder where I would go to find clothes if I lost a few pounds.

I guess you have a point...=P lol the only thing I know about my size is that I'm a medium.