By Shannon - United States
Today, while at a hotel for vacation with my brother and his wife, I was watching their two-month old daughter in the waterpark when a woman came up to me and said, "Aww your kid is so adorable! Don't worry, you'll get your figure back in no time." I'm a fourteen year old girl. FML
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By  illy88  |  0

99% of the ppl tht commented this r all bitches..u guys are probably fat..shes fuckin 14..its bitches like u tht make kids wanna kill themselves..fuck u guys

  eggnogg  |  0

this is so fake. no parents in their right mind would put a two month old in the water without them being in there as well. seeing as you were "watching" her, it sounds as if you were out of the pool, which means she would have drowned, considering that she can't even crawl yet.

  Anteezy  |  7

You're stupid. The OP said she was watching their daughter while being in a water park. I don't know where you see anything about a 2 year old swimming by herself but watching simply means she was like babysitting the kid maybe until the parents returned after 10 mins or so. Don't be so quick to call it a fake especially with bad and stupid arguments like that.

  Unregistered  |  0

omfg i am sick and tired of these fucking overweight pieces of shit complaining on FML for fucks sake its called a healthy routine god fucking damn it fml should install a NO FAT CHICKS when submitting your story cus if i read another FML about some fucking fat piece of shit QQing about being fat i swear to god

  jessxoxo28  |  5

#65- ur such an ass
this is fml, so pple can share any freakin fml they want whether their fat or not. who fuckin cares wat u think and wat u want. if u dont like fml's about overweight pple the DONT READ IT, instead of making comments like a douche. and its not just # 65, all u pple r so harsh and judgmental its ridiculous. its just an fml (for the thousand freakin time) she's overweight, so she needs to lose a couple of pounds, big whoop. i agree with #75, she's only 14. idk y u pple r so quick to judge

  Ascaryrobot  |  0

We only really judge those who are as thick as pig shit and spell like a retard with vengeance against keyboards. Like yourself, if you come with an argument you'd better make sure it's flawless. Besides too many people complain about shite. "Oh noes" wailed the annoying drama queen "some random person commented on my body, well I better be glad they don't mean jack shit to anyone in the world." Gah, grow the fuck up.

  kayleigh_m  |  0

They aren't stupid you are. She says the baby is 2 months old, not two years. A two month old baby can barely hold their own head up. so she'd have to be holding the child if it were anywhere near the water. But she says she was watching it, which implies she was sitting on the side of the pool away from the child. Take a closer read next time before you start calling people stupid.

  gods_hunter10  |  0

I am a guy... bite you balls off fucking cock sucking mother fucking son on whoreish bitch!!!

op go girl!! and my 12 year old friend got that. they thought we were married, I was like cool... fucktarded me. :p

  reyemrein  |  0

65 is right I hate it when fat people complain on FML. 99% of the time, fat people are fat because of things they can prevent. It is statistical fact that if you are fat, your life will suck more than the typical persons life. stop botching about it and lose the damn weight. For that other 1% who are fat for medical reasons, that is a true FML, just make sure to mention that you have said condition if you ever post one.

  Mads_1234  |  28

Not sure if trolling or...

  Repethetic  |  25

yeah but if you're fat at 14 then you probs won't even live to 25 because it hinders development and you need to do weight bearing exercises when you're young to strengthen your body. also your metabolism is much much higher, and so being a healthy weight is easy even with gross overeating. to be genuinely overweight at 14 is a death sentence.