By spinner - 01/09/2009 11:44 - United States

Today, I was at work. I'm a sign spinner. Lots of other employees shares stories of how they have been flashed by 18 year old hot chicks as they drive by. I got flashed by a 45 year old, 300lbs lady. FML
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Pb_lily 0

I don't know any 18 year old hot girls that would flash the loser holding a sign.

Should wear a t-shirt saying "NO FAT CHICKS."


sublime93 0

Boo-hoo, you didn't get to see ******* Your life is soooo ****** -_-

FuckMYIife 0

"Lots of other employees shares stories" Shares? No wonder you're a sign spinner.

Yeah. Saying they shares stories surely disqualifies you from any job. =)

You do know "S" is right next to "D" on a qwerty keyboard, right?

#33 He did get to see *******! Just not the ones he wanted but, beggars can't be choosers right OP?

exactly. i do that all the time, everybody does. its called a TYPO and everyone makes them. cut the guy some slack and no, he doesn't deserv it, he doesn't get to ******* choose who flashes him! its a FML b/c everyone else got young hot girls flashing them, not overweight 45yr olds.

_Squall__fml 1

Oh he saw **** alright...just not the ones he thought he'd see.

he's complaining about who he got flashed by, not what he did or didn't see. use your brain

depotst 0

WTF is a sign spinner anyway??? one of those people that stand on the corner of an intersection and hold a dominos sign or whatever?

yeah sublime soo true...thought it did sux 2 bd flashed by that 45 *shivers*


And the point of all capital first letters being...?

dudeitsdanny 9

He/She never learned which words to capitalize in elementary school so he/she capitalizes all of them.

kitkatt978 5

imao so true. it makes it seem lime they are yelling at the beginning of every word.

woooo ! good thing she wasn't 75 years old eh ?

angryseatroll 5

Haha. I was picturing someone...not so well-endowed. So, more like wiggled at.

@ the man joke: "...Well the sunset better set soon So we can get in the mood Things start getting heated up When it starts getting cool yeah Summer nights Everybody are you with me? Let that igloo cooler mark your piece of paradise Summer nights Everybody`s feeling sexy Holler if you`re ready for some summer nights Come on..."

depotst 0

lol you say the cutest things, always makes me smile

More cushion for the pushin' my friend..FYL

hahaha i lol'd. was it like ben stiller at the end of "dodgeball" where he dances to milkshakes?

I scrolled down and just caught the words "dodgeball" and "milkshake". The mental image I got was pretty hilarious.