By spinner - / Tuesday 1 September 2009 11:44 / United States
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exactly. i do that all the time, everybody does. its called a TYPO and everyone makes them. cut the guy some slack and no, he doesn't deserv it, he doesn't get to fucking choose who flashes him! its a FML b/c everyone else got young hot girls flashing them, not overweight 45yr olds.


@ the man joke: "...Well the sunset better set soon So we can get in the mood Things start getting heated up When it starts getting cool yeah Summer nights Everybody are you with me? Let that igloo cooler mark your piece of paradise Summer nights Everybody`s feeling sexy Holler if you`re ready for some summer nights Come on..."


Today, as if having an old man shit on the floor of the busy restaurant I work at wasn't bad enough, my manager made a video commentating over the camera footage of me discovering said giant pile of shit, and shared it with the entire staff. This is going to haunt me forever. FML

By StargazeKitsune - / Friday 31 July 2015 05:36 / United States - Kalispell
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