By KittenNomNom - 22/02/2012 19:40 - United States

Today, I was sitting at the mall food court, and wearing a "Blink If You Want Me" shirt. A guy walked by, saw my shirt, and made a point of holding a staring contest with me before moving on. FML
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KittenNomNom_fml tells us more.

Ahahah everyone, the shirt was a joke. I wasn't really offended, we ended up becoming friends afterwards. A lot of you are right, he has a great sense of humor and he was just teasing. It didn't kill my self esteem or anything of that sort, I just thought it might give someone a laugh (: Thanks for all the comments and such~

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I'm not calling you ugly, but you set yourself up.

shiiiiit, hahaha


shiiiiit, hahaha

btw, you TOTALLY deserved it for wearing a shirt that says something so stupid.

yeah, they're funny the first time you read them but i would never actually wear one

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Heh, that sounds like something I would do to someone wearing such a shirt. No sympathy, OP. No sympathy. If you choose to wear a "clever" shirt, you should be ready to deal with the smartasses who will comment on it.

Damn_Hippster 11

At least he looked at you. Does that mean he half wants you?

shanemaximo 7

If only the back of the shirt said, "...or stare." and he saw it right as you walked away.

mariyaaa 0

I hate those things... Especially the "smile if you **********" signs. -.-

I like my "slaughter all *****" tall T.

lrgenesis 19

73- :)

mannysaucedo 4

127, 137 t(-.-t)

He didn't comment though... -_-

lol70720 5

Why is this negative? ..lot people butt hurt because they experience the same thing?


uffiewuffie 0

Honestly what was the point of your comment?

What you gotta have a witty comment each time you see an FML ? Chill the **** out he just found it funny and expressed it in a less original way. This FML deserves a laugh though, OP got owned

uffiewuffie 0

You're an idiot..

SecretMe00 5

It wasn't really a contest... He just didn't want OP.. Quite hilarious story!!

Cool story, 19. Tell it again.

It wasn't really a contest... He just didn't want OP.. Quite hilarious story!! You happy bro?

You mad that I trolled, bro?

SecretMe00 5

Oh, wow lol blonde moment, my bad!!

We all have them, you seem to have learned your lesson. Lol

It's so much more satisfying when you get to see people realize their mistakes and learn from them.

SmelloJello 9

nice dude, that one.

lanier25n 7

Said well, Master Yoda....

Master said well Yoda*

mimeshadow 1

Well, at least it was only one....

-blinks- sorry natural reflex when eyes are irritated

I'm not calling you ugly, but you set yourself up.

Yeah OP deserves it for wearing a pretensious shirt like that.

I remember seeing one that said "smile if you take it in the ass" made my day.

Mister_Triangle 21

Yeah, if you draw attention to yourself like that people will make it a point to bring you down. It probably had nothing to do with your looks

That's really deep but think I about it everyone else in the food court were blinking, the ratios probably 1 to 300.

Think about It, not think I about it.

Llamacod 11

Yeah but I'm sure they didn't look at her shirt and then blink so I doesn't count.

77 too bad! "Throws an cow at you and runs away"

91 The cow told me he wanted to die this way. He was such a fighter. :(

Sorry to say, but I think your original response (9) could've probably gone without saying. After all, that would be the point of the shirt...

130 That made no sense....

142: I like your sense of humor.

Your sass has been returned in kind. You so deserved it.

Maybe he thought the shirt to be pretty arrogant and wanted to express his distaste? Don't worry, just think of all the blinks you did receive besides his. In any event... I do like the guy. He seems funny:)