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By Anonymous - 17/02/2013 06:01 - United States - New Bloomfield

Today, I was riding my bike, when I saw a large dog sitting in front of a house. I started to really crank the pedals, figuring that by the time it saw me, I'd be long gone. My chain popped off, I lost control and crashed onto the side of the road. The dog hadn't moved. It was a statue. FML
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He saw a human and acted like a statue so he wouldn't be disturbed! Clever boy!:D

Because every dog that isn't a statue will attack people...


Well at least in the end it didn't turn out to be a real dog. Plus your injuries if any were probably less than the damage said dog could have done.

Because every dog that isn't a statue will attack people...

OP didn't exactly say what dog she saw, could've seen a bloody bloodhound for all we know. Plus, do you know how many large dogs have attacked and killed, especially other dogs and little kids

12 Yes, but typically the smaller breeds of dogs are more "vicious" then the larger breeds, the difference being that since the only damage is done to your pants, shoes and ankles, the owner thinks it's no big deal.

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12 - The biggest contributing factor in aggressive behavior in any breed of dog is the way they have been trained and treated by their owners. You could have the biggest, strongest, fastest, and most commonly ferocious dog breed there is and they can still be completely safe around people, even small children, due to proper training, adequate exercise, and loving treatment by their owners. Contrariwise, you could have a smaller dog breed that is weak, slow, and normally docile and they can become extremely aggressive and violent towards everybody, including their owners, because of how they have been mistreated, a lack of adequate exercise, and a lack of proper training.

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My German Shepard lets my kids crawl on her and bite her. She just whines and carefully removes herself from harm. But if you try to break in she is trained to eat you alive. I love my dog. I have friends that come over all the time, and all she does is lick them. But,, UPS guys always seem to piss her off. Probably because they run up to the house, ring the door bell and take off. She thinks that is fishy.

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18, exactly I have both a chow and pit bull and they both love attention and are very good with kids and small animals(though the chow doesn't like cats very much). They would only ever be aggressive if we were in danger. It really is all about training and how the dogs/ pet is treated.

Why am I getting voted down? All I did was point out the positive side of the situation.

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Because your comment is implying that had it been a real dog, the OP would have been mauled. I'm sure that all of the owners of properly trained big dogs took some offense to that implication.

Actually she said the dog *could* of hurt op. I love dogs with all my heart, and absolutely adore my little pomapoo, but dogs can be aggressive. I got attacked by a pit bull once, so I can easily see why they could be threatening too.

#12, bloodhounds are usually gentle and loving dogs. They're not called "bloodhounds" because they'll rip you apart creating massive lakes of blood, if you thought that.

17 - I was at a cousins house and they had this VICIOUS chihuahua and I went inside to use the bathroom when they had the dog inside and it chased me around until it scratched and bit the back of my leg and I needed stitches, this was when I was 8

Ouch! Hope you're alright. Must have been a realistic looking statue (or you didn't look properly)

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It's all fun and games until someone breaks a chain.

He saw a human and acted like a statue so he wouldn't be disturbed! Clever boy!:D

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Dog owner: Sit. Statue. Stay. Good boy!

That dog wasn't a statue, it's just REALLY good at sitting and staying.

chill out, dogs enjoy a good stupid human trick once in a while. even if they aren't real.

Even if it was a real dog, not all large dogs are mean and vicious.