By Anonymous - 1/9/2009 07:30 - United States
Today, I'm being evicted from my apartment for not paying rent. My father is the on-site landlord. Meaning I now have to move my stuff downstairs into his place and hear every day how I'm a failure. FML
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By  teach09  |  0

You really expected to live in an apartment and not pay rent? It doesn't matter if you were renting from your father or not. That's money that your family is losing because you're taking up space...YDI

By  untoldfame  |  3

Too bad you are a failure!

( intoxicunt- you were right yesterday, I would have mentioned you in the comment yesterday about the lady who wrongly thought the surprise was her own, but you had already posted on that one :D )

  Intoxicunt  |  5

I'm glad people appreciate it. Haha, I got in some all-out wars last night, like this one with mouseguard about STDs. I should probably consider getting a life.

  Jmido  |  0

someone wants a cyber gf...

OP: pay your rent, ydi for thinking you could leech off your parents still while trying to be financially independent. Either live with mommy and daddy or become more responsible.