By Laura - 03/05/2012 07:55 - France

Today, I saw my boyfriend spitting the mouthwash back into the bottle, because, "this stuff is really expensive." FML
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I think you got yourself a keeper mate

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Agreed she doesn't see it now, but in the future his money saving ways will keep them afloat.

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I'm pretty sure someone here on FML had your boyfriend as a roommate, OP. Must have been fun to realize the mouthwash was never running out and discovering bits of last night's dinner in it.

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yuck that's so unsanitary :-(

Did anyone else get a sense of dejavu reading this fml?

70-I sure as hell did. Maybe this is the roomate's girlfriend?

Mouthwash really isn't that expensive...

Very valid points 2 and ops boyfriend have ....

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Oh, yum. Wait til he comes across a chunk in his mouthwash :)

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Yeah plus mouthwash is as expensive as gold. Well atleast thats what my dentist keeps telling me,ohhh well*spits out tooth*

nasty... get your own bottle and dont let him use it

And probably old enough to buy his own bottle!

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At 96- why did you ask a question you had an answer to?

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It was obviously rhetorical, 105.

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What a cheap bf you have... I wonder how cheap he really is when it comes to taking you out to dinner or buying anything else for that matter... Fyl indeed

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And this is why women are single because they're materialistic

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A friend of mine is single cause she will ignore every man unless he is in his 20s (she is 40) and looks like he could be a supermodel. Very picky....and may as well boy a box full of cats to keep her company if she expects a GQ model to ask her out.

65-Why then? Because they friend-zone all of good ones and date the douches, and then complain about why there aren't any gentlemen left? Please, I really want to know. Side note: I understand that not all women are like this, but a significant amount are.

I totally agree with #69 ... & would love to know y #65 ... Y!! Lol

Women are egotistic! If you want to bang them ask them about them and they will talk all night about themself

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You say a woman's place is in the kitchen? Tell me more about how they friendzone you

At least mouth wash is a really good germ killer ;)

Ummm not if your spitting that shit back in; imagine food particles floating in there. :( I'm sorry Op.

That's awesome! You have kissed him all this time, so it shouldn't matter now. :)

I think the dentist appointment and new teeths are more expensive.. Tell him that.. Fyl indeed, he is just ridiculously cheep...:/ It's almost as to use a condom twice, or dental floss twice..

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"teeths"? Teeth is already plural