By lostvideo - 24/08/2010 07:25 - Israel

Today, I realized that I hadn't seen my video camera in a while. After searching for several minutes in my room, I remembered that I had given it to my dad to hide before our month long trip (so even if someone broke into the house the video camera would be safe). He's forgotten where he hid it. FML
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???? Why not bring the camera on the trip?? that's what cameras are for!!!

He should have left an increasingly difficult series of logic puzzles as clues to its location.


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u deserve it for having a dad that is too scared of getting burglarized that he forgets to find the items he hid from the burglers..

ydi for not hiding it yourself, what are you, retarded?

deafeningsilence 8

agreed with 2. you'll eventually find it.

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ydi for not buying a lock to the house in first place

ydi for having a drunk father, he probably sold it for booze, go check the recycle bin outside it's filled with 40oz of Southern Comfort.

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you should have hid it yourself :)

22 wow. just wow. and OP why wouldn't you hide it yourself?

why can't op just bring the video along on the trip?

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it's under his bed, he just doesn't want you to see all the sex tapes he filmed.

at first i thought u were going to say ur dad made a porno on it snd the worst part is it was with ur gf. now thats an fml

41&56 i thought it would be a combination he hid it so op wouldnt find it, then when he did he saw his mom and dads prons

ydi for not remembering to ask for it sooner.

He should have left an increasingly difficult series of logic puzzles as clues to its location.

or worse, somehow put a lock on it, but the lock is a rubix cube! I once saw someone's bike lock with that!

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he wants you to think he's hiding it :o he probably has it mounted on a tree recording your neighbor getting dressed everyday. o_O I would invest in a new camera.

So.. If someone would break in your house, it would be ok for him to steal the TV and stuff, but the camera no?

hairt 4

don't scold him! just find it with him :-) child-father bonding time hahahah.

you live in Israel, how big can your place be?c'mon... really

some douche moderated my comment!!! so I will say it again, you live in Israel how big can your place be? really? check one of the two rooms your family reside in

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lol at 8 but yeah op take the camera on vacation duh