By BirthdayBoy - 28/03/2015 03:42 - United States - Madison

Today, I was uninvited from my own birthday party. FML
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How? **** those people! I'll celebrate with you OP! What do you wanna do?


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Why the hell would there be a good reason to be uninvited to the OP's own birthday party?

Did you even read the FML all the way through or were you too busy rushing to get to the first-comment spot?

#1: Your profile says that you think you're friendly, but it's hard to conceive of any friendly reason to uninvite someone from their own birthday.

I once held a party for a friend's birthday. He got stupid drunk, wanted to fight my other guests and broke shit! He got kicked out and I continued to party. Why should I have cut my fun short because he got out of line? Some think since it's their birthday, they have a free pass to be a dick. He sobered up the next day and apologized. Still friends!

Maybe you meant that OP was such a dick that the person who organised it uninvited him? Could be why, but I doubt it.

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OP's friends are like "oh we changed our minds, it's a surprise party now!"

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There was a good reason why. They are all “Turds”

Well how did that happen? Happy birthday btw op

yeah exactly.. i mean.. who would blow the candles.. and who would cut the cake then?

Wtf. I'm guessing the person who planned it decided to selfish? Sorry OP. :(

It's just a party that happens to be on the same day as OPs birthday

How does this even happen? Wouldn't it make more sense to just cancel the party? If the party was still thrown without you, it probably wasn't actually a party for you in the first place and you were just told it was. Sorry OP.

Crash the party by throwing cake at everyone and screaming happy bday

I feel I need to know why before passing judgement...