By flattire - Canada
Today, two really hot guys pulled up in a car next to mine. They were waving at me and pointing down, I figured they were being pigs so I flipped them off. Turns out they were trying to warn me of the flat tire I had. FML
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  Zx_MaSsAcRe_xZ  |  13

@86, Your probably a physically appealing person, but according to your comment your a stuck up fucking cunt. No, beauty doesn't give you the right to be a bitch. Nothing gives you the right to be a bitch.


Unfortunately there are pigs. I've had guys hold balls in a sack outside their car window and shout at me to look at their balls. I've had guys whistle at me and say, "damn girl." It can be kind of scary.

By  lpaul49  |  0

Honestly, if one more person mentions the fucking 'assume' cliche I'm going to flip a shit. It happens to people because they're morons and don't fucking think shit through. Enough said.

By  genius_man16  |  0

wouldn't you be able to feel your tire going flat? I mean, it's pretty easy to feel when a tire is going down... unless i'm just a freak of nature or something... >.>