By Anonymous - 06/07/2011 11:06 - United Kingdom

Today, I was the designated driver. It was also my birthday party. FML
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shit!! well, happy birthday!!

Well hopefully you'll still get *musical note* birthday sex, birthday sex *musical note*.


maybe they are complimenting op's driving skills?

What a thoughtful comment, 1.

what ever happened to good first comments?

zuzupetalsYO 11

how is this an FML? you got home alive and so did your friends. happy bday. you don't have to drink to have fun. if you do, well, there is this thing called AA.

xroflmao 0

28 - all the stupid people get to them first.

stop complaining about the first comment.

38, at least they're talking about the first comment instead of just replying to it so that your comment is at the top. 35, not really, they just post stupid comments to be the first like "wow" and "that sucks". So yeah, its all for attention now'a'days

At least you won't get a hangover. But hangovers are the price to pay for a good party, so if I were you I'd just tell them to do one and drink a lot.

It's because if you take too long thinking up a thoughtful first comment, somebody will take it before you.

RainbowHeadache 2

70- I'd rather have a well thought of, witty # 88 post or whatever as opposed to a crappy "wow" or "LAWL" first comment. It's not all about being first... but I guess to some FMLers it is. :/ My cousins want to do the same thing to me, OP. They said we'll go to a bar for my 21st this year, I said I don't drink, they said, "well then you can be the DD! :D" Because that is really just ever so the best birthday present I could get.

that sucks.. good friends..


Wgat op didn't tell you was that they let her drive because they had bought her a ferarri with rockets and laser beams as a gift, and they wanted himher to be able to drive it! Theyr'e AMAZING friends

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha that blows, but I have to say ydi for agreeing to some dumb shit like that on your bday...

VinegarStrokes 0

Awww that's so sad! Quit crying you ****** girl. If it's YOUR birthday and YOU are going out with your friends then you have the ability to tell them to **** off and not take everybody out if you don't want to. You could make someone else drive, a cab could be split cheaply among friends, etc. I bet you didn't even actually tell your friends that you didn't want to be the DD because you're a pussy. So, in summation: you deserve it. Deuche bag.

They are good friends! Because now chances are you won't do something stupid that you'll regret on your birthday!

gangssaboo 0

Man....he's a real douche bag isn't he? VinegarStrokes...every time you comment you end it with douche bag....if you are going to continue to do so, learn the correct spelling first.

VinegarStrokes 0

Oh shit! Thanks gangssaboo!!! I honestly thought the way I had spelled it WAS correct. I guess I shouldn't just assume things, huh? Lol... Much appreciated, I will continue ending my rants with the correct spelling of "douche bag" now. ;)

who cares if your the driver, driving is the BOMB :D

gangssaboo 0

Thank you kindly :)

Least you're not one of the people who know how to party.

shit!! well, happy birthday!!

bryyxoo 0

Get drunk, call a taxi

Exactly! It's that easy! But ha

*Happy birthday!:)

But make sure the taxi driver is sober!

haha lik in tht other FML where he wuz drunk? rofl

if you wanna drink on your birthday then how hard can it be to NOT have your car with you.

or call a taxi.

Exactly. If you WANT to drink. The OP could've been complaining that her friends designated her as the driver without consulting her first. That's rude anytime, but doubly so on someone's birthday. And that may possibly be the only issue here, because if she really wanted to drink, it's easy enough to make alternate arrangements.

zacharytk72 5

well at least you have friends?

We never know. Maybe it's because OP has no friends that she is the designated driver; cause there is no one else to drive home...

dre_bro11 - But then who would designate her to drive? And whom would she drive home?

her imaginary boyfriend

fadingfaith 4

Her parents....

ah, good point. I like your thinking Doc.

Well hopefully you'll still get *musical note* birthday sex, birthday sex *musical note*.

what zhe fack

It's a song. -.-

and it's not even a newer song.

twisted54 1

new or not it's still relevant.

relevant yes. but by the sound of it there's no sex involved

HappyCynic 0

I suspect you aren't the biggest party animal to designate you as the driver.

mattmalin11 0

Get smashed, and sit on a bench with a plate, telling your friends to get in. You won't have to drive. Unless they're dumbasses.

tsume24 3

LMAO. I gotta try that.

lol works everytime;)

Well it is better than being your deathday as well

You look like Duke Nukem.

u look like a creeeeperrr