By DuckyKiller - 20/06/2009 12:11 - United States

Today, I was at a pond taking pictures with my new camera. I saw a mama duck leading her babies around and decided to get in closer to take a picture. Mama duck got spooked and led her babies too close to a waterfall escaping. One fell off. It never surfaced. FML
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xNatsuki 0

Oh my.. Now I'm sad.

D= Poor duck. But yeah, good job.


not a lol and to the op YOU ARE A BASTARD

AngryC4t 0

That's not funny, but everyone clicking YDI is stupid. It's not like he grabbed the duckling and threw it off the waterfall. I mean, seriously, every time one of these FML's has an animal dying in it everyone goes, "ANIMAL KILLER!!! YDI!! *clickclickclickclick*" Think before you click YDI.

@176: Shut up, PETArd

Everyone here is a PETA activist now.

I clicked YDI. Common sense says a new mother would be spooked by some giant human lurking ever closer with a big black box. Should have kept their distance or used something called ZOOM.

@FlyMeToTheMoon: Exactly.

Your new camera doesn't have zoom? Refund imo. o_O

Trevv 0

Wow, that sucks. You did not deserve it though.

she only wanted a picture, I don't get how that's her fault. especially if all she did was move closet

D= Poor duck. But yeah, good job.

Fuck the ducks life

or lack thereof.

Sorry OP, duck your life. I'm so ducking punny! Okay, I'll stop. I'm sure someone else said duck your life before me but I'm just to lazy to look...

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Not fucking funny. I love ducks. D:

Timismaster 0

no its funny

treli1593 0

yea it actually is REALLY funny


ye, and she thinks HER life is fucked.. poor duck

77, you are my hero. This is ducking hilarious.

33, I feel for you. I love ducks to. Delicious... *drools*

Kyothine 0


For scaring the mother duck. Which directly caused this to happen.

It is the duck's fault. He followed his mom who lead the duck towards a waterfall.

lol your prob a city slicker

SarahSehhati 40

you would follow your mom too

More like F the ducklings life.

snowsurfsunx3 0

the duckling nolonger has a life, so therefore it cant be fucked. more like, i was swimming along when this big creepy human shot this flashy thing at me, scaring the crap out of me and making my baby fall off a waterfall and die. FML.

164 I <3 you lol that's freaking hilarious!

poor duck!! ftheduckslife! ):

kwosti 0

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you're terrible, she took a picture of a duck, that's no crime.

SERIOUSLY it's one damn duck, if it's stupid enough to fall off the waterfall, good for it

PaulG10 0

mk so next time you take a picture of any kind of wildlife at all from now on and anything remotely unfortunate happens to the subject, its your fault. your a fucking idiot.

you're a huge pussy. QQ moar about a duck little boy

StealthStorm67 0

Agreed, she was just taking a picture, I'm sure she didn't intend for the duck to pull a Harry Carry, it just happened. Don't be so over-dramatic.

I'm sure the duck didn't think it was a smart thing to do to fall off the waterfall, the mom led it too close. It's called water currents.

It's a pic of a duck chill bro

xNatsuki 0

Oh my.. Now I'm sad.

that's sad): you suck!

bobby222 0

That's awful. Not funny.