By Quackers - 11/04/2012 15:39 - United States - Denver

Today, while running in the park, I noticed some ducks in a pond. I stopped to look at them and began quacking at them, to see if they would react. This would have been OK had I not been wearing ear-buds, blasting music, making me unable to realize just how loud I was quacking. With people all around. FML
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Idonebeenhad 17

Your spelling of "weird" is weird.

I think OP is funny. I would do that anyway, even if people noticed - who cares what they think?

twisted_cherub 14

17- I would say 1's spelling of "weird" was incorrect, but I kind of think the correct spelling of "weird" is weird. It doesn't follow the rules. English is weird.

I don't care what anyone thinks, I'll quack even louder when they start looking at me.

14. Put on some clothes. My eyes!

Hey, one could even say that OP is a quack

Am I the only one that loves ducks as much as OP?

abbyabb 4

And isnt everyone else

You couldn't understand yourself, so why do you think they would understand you?

I guess the OP and I are the only people who enjoy communicating with ducks. The rest of you are seriously missing out.

But where do the ducks go in winter??

teejayx7 0

Your gorgeous

RaquelW 7

what a quackhead!

Nah dude U guys r just jealous u cant speak duck too This guy is a boss... or should i say Like a boss!

And he waddled away.. (waddle waddle).. And he waddled away.. (waddle waddle).. Till the very next day (bum bum bum...)

that quacked me up..

OP was in a bit of a flap.

OP doesn't show very good con-duck in front of people.

Jakesterk96 8

Idk what the duck you talking about.

It's safe to say people thought she was a quack

I hope OP 'ducked' out of there quickly.

130 you ruined it. You should just "duck" out of here as quackly as you can.

Your quackers!

People must of thought she was a quack head!

caitybear32 0

Ahahaha i see wat u did there lol

why would it be OK to quack at ducks in the first place?

olpally 32

Because op is quackers, duh!

She didn't want to be an old cat lady but an old duck lady...

youjustmademelol 4

Yeah, hey look some ducks IM GONNA QUAK THE HELL OUTTA THEM! Lol I wish i was there

I bark at dogs when I see them. But everyone does that, right?!

Why wouldn't it be? We are all a little weird, some more than others. Who cares?

Rei_Ayanami 18

Sort of embarrassing, but I'd do the same thing, just in a less crowded area.

SarahSunshine19 2

I agree. When people are around why would you even do that?! I understand if your with people you know, but random people, loud music, and making soud effects, bad combo.

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Duck Woman to the rescue!

Darkwing Duck! Let's get dangerous.

That's why you don't listen to loud music while quacking.. Who does that anyway?

Obviously he does!

tylersign 11

"This would have been OK"?... I'll have to disagree.

TheCaterpiller 6

Explain that to ex-president George W Bush

Former president. Unfortunately he made it full term...twice. Lol

54, Quacking at ducks to "see if they react" is fun to you? I bet you also enjoy counting blades of grass and watching paint dry.

It's not that funny. Give OP a break for living life and having fun.

Oh common, anybody that reads FML's for anything other then a few laughs has no life. People on here are way too sensitive. Hahahaha

Those crafty animals forever laughing at me. Don't worry, one day we will get them. In the mean time let us twiddle our thumbs to a David Bowie poster.