By BarCrush


Today, and for the past two months, I've been going to the bar with my friends quite regularly because I have a massive crush on the cute bartender. Being quite shy, I asked my friend if he could be my wingman so I could finally talk to her properly. He took her home. FML
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  Mynxie  |  26

And how is he a shitty friend? Just because OP liked her doesn't mean she has to go out with him. Maybe she liked the friend more and decided to go out with him, which is completely fine.

  julfunky  |  29

It’s a shitty friend because they knew how the OP felt and continued to go with her anyway. She didn’t do anything wrong but a good friend doesn’t go home with the person you’re “crushing” on.
He could have walked away from her offer. He didn’t even though it would hurt OP. That’s a shitty friend.


I'm a girl and I downvoted you because you misunderstood the FML completely. OP didn't expect the girl to go home with him but expected his mate to give him support while he tried to ask her out, not to compete with him.

  Rabite  |  28

If he didn't viciously left out that he was supposed to help his friend to just hit on her, he did nothing wrong.
If he told her about his friend and she was more interested in him, then that's just as it is.

By  Mynxie  |  26

Wow, the butthurt of men in this comment section is a joke. Guys, repeat after me: just because you like a girl doesn't mean she needs to date you. And if she wanted to go out with the friend, that's fine. The friend did nothing wrong.

  ThatGuy9679  |  13

Nobody said she had to date him but his friend taking his crush home after he asked him to be his wing man is a bit of a dick move no matter how you slice it.

  Xikira  |  7

The friend was in the wrong I am a female and I feel for them. His friend was there to give him courage and help him try to get to know his crush. His friend was not suppose to take his crush home. This has nothing to do with the girl going home with the other guy because yeah that is her right. This has everything to do with the fact that his “best friend” broke his trust and pretty much tore him down by doing this.

  coute21  |  6

Yep, as a chick his friend is a complete prick. This has nothing to do with gender, if all the genders in this story were reversed, it would still be a dick move. If the girl likes the friend, he should turn her down and explain to his friend what happened so he could get over her, not sweep her away and leave his friend high and dry. Men have feelings too.

By  Victor Ostlund  |  6

Sorry to hear that. 8 understand where you are coming from as something similar has happened to me before but chin up it will get better it's just one guy and I'm sure you will find another :)

  withered  |  30

What? I don't really understand what you tried to say. Did you mean that because the woman wants intimacy and gets it that somehow makes her "not qualified" for intimacy/relationship/whatever? That's not how things work. And even if it did, then he would be in the same boat, since he would take her home if he could. The only difference is that the bartender scored and he did not.