It's probably considered art

By firestar772 - 11/02/2013 15:48 - United States - Santa Barbara

Today, my dog ate a whole case of my son's paintballs, because apparently they are made of a fish byproduct. Not only does the whole house smell like fish, there are countless bright yellow dog turds all over the house and our yard. FML
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Too bad this didn't happen in time for Easter.

At least the dog isn't dead.


Too bad this didn't happen in time for Easter.

she beat your easter? that sounds like assault...

#9 A wild octothorpe has appeared.

A nice and elegant pair of b**bs. I appreciate it

Because Easter is a proper time to enjoy the smell of yellow crap

whiteboy896 9

On another note, I like how 1 cut out her face to put her boobs in there.

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Yellow and smells like fish? You lucked out.

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siickman 7

Uh oh, You might have started a paintball vs airsoft discussion lol.

Please don't. There's enough comparing of e-dicks on the Internet as it is.

So you stick to air soft so dogs won't eat your paintballs. Hmmmm, that's a good reason... I guess.

Well I'm sure fish bi-product is healthier for the dog than air soft pelts... So no he was better off with paintballs

Except the dog may not have been compelled to eat them because they don't smell like fish.

SenselessPattern 12

There goes 30 - 60$..... That fish bi-product is some fancy shit I guess.

asnakelovinbabe 16

Why not play both!?!? I love the fast pace and thrill of paintball, but I also love the aspect of airsoft where you are geared out in full camo and can choose from several types of weapons. One thing I hate about both, my face masks are always clouding up. And Paintballs straight to the fingers, It hurts so bad. Top of the head doesn't feel too nice either :/

I prefer firearms, there's nothing like the smell of freshly combusted gunpowder!

73, the 4 D's. Dodge, Duck, Dive, and Dodge.

79 I believe it's 5 D's, dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. And once again I seem to be thinking of Patches....

Yep, definitely 5 Ds. RIP Patches you will be sorely missed.

Yeah, airsoft and paintball is fun and stuff...I prefer using real firearms myself.

116 - Sadly that isn't an option for all of us, hence why we play airsoft/paintball. Also, we can shoot our friends and not get in trouble, which is pretty neat too.

zero4life123 7

Should make your son clean them up! That way you can say he has a crap job

The son wasn't at fault here.

*insert witty comment he-* *punched in the face* NO!

saucyrossi 18

There's something fishy about this post...

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

And there's something crappy about this one...

More like yours, 31.

At least the dog isn't dead.

and since he isn't this gives you great prank opportunities, and it'd be the first burning yellow dog poop!

Sounds fishy... Your dog just stumbled upon the paintballs eh?

~Of course not, silly! He obviously went to the phonebook, found a paintball shop, bought some paintballs and ate them! Of course dogs don't just stumble onto random items which look good to eat then chew them up! Absurd, I tell you!~

ThePsyche 9

Some dogs just want to watch the world burn..

Yup to bad they'll watch it burn in black and white..

Silver_89 9

Dogs don't see in black and white, they just don't see as many colors as we do.

Is the dog a yellow lab? If he wasn't before, he is now.

I was thinking yellow Poo-dle

RealTalk0 7

Has to be one of the most genius comments I've seen on this site Pleonasm.

You haven't been here long, have you?

Apparently not. Not meaning to bash on someone who was nice enough to write their appreciation to me, but it wasn't really much on my part. A simple word play. If you stay tuned you'll see some really amazing stuff, usually a thread where a lot of people have worked a situation together to make an immense read.

Or a yellow shit-zu.

Great colourful fertilizer for collie-flowers?

At least the turds are easier to see since they are bright yellow! :p

androiddestroya 7

They were highlighted for convenience.

At least they're easy to spot.