By Anonymous - 28/08/2011 11:29 - Australia

Today, I bought a new goldfish. While leaving my fish on my balcony to go get fish food, I hear a loud squawk and splash, I race outside to see a bird flying off with my fish. FML
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FernAdele 9

why did you even put it on your balcony :|


Your roommate would have tried to starve it if the eagle hadn't gotten away with it.

That pun, in any form, hasn't been funny for a long time. Please stop using it.

supernerd352 7

Three words 7; your comment sucks

tybtab 5

Looks like your fish found himself a nice bird!

EnEl_Infierno 15

What is it with all these fish fmls, poor nemo can't catch a break. f nemo's life.

18, sorry for jelling Bro-cha-cho. Bros, anybody care to LAX?

Man, op, that bird is such a jerk. Disregard the fact you left your fish bowl outside (your not supposed to do that) and that the bird doesn't have the cognitive thought to understand that the food...I mean goldfish was someone's pet.

This isn't really a FML... Goldfish are $.69 at Walmart. A homeless person could get 4 goldfish for the price of a 40 oz of Bud Ice.

JonaDona 2

75- ...and OP gotta buy a new fish

FinJage 18

34, That's a hell of a nice guitar!

Well, think of it this way: At least it died a fast death, as opposed to a slow death at the hands of your roommate's sadistic, starving tendencies. ;)

Why are people saying OP has to buy another fish?! (S)he didn't didn't have the common sense to take care of one even for a day!

yeah 126. I'd say this was more of an FML for the fish tbh...

DontModMeDammit 10

Well you just bought that bird a pretty nice meal! Good for you!

crinx034 0

And now we wait for it to poop on someone.

Lauren10102 3

Yea, same thing happened with my favorite little green pigs! I built this amazing structure

lol @ 105 .. Nice angry birds reference, though in this situation I don't think the bird is angry, more like very satisfied after that free meal so thoughtfully left out for it.

YDI, op should installed AA bataries near.

Aside from 184, how is nobody thinking of Finding Nemo right now? The bird saved the poor little fish from captivity! :)

Was it the same bird that took off with my dog?

Seriously who puts a goldfish in a balcony?? Do you have space in your house?????

An owl really did take my puppy when my family and I were in the backyard for a barbecue.

Exhibit A to why I hate birds. Crazy fish stealing ninjas.

FernAdele 9

why did you even put it on your balcony :|

hannahmorgan06 7

that's what I'm thinking.....

uridea 14

I was thinking the same thing

TheDrummingResul 0

I was thinking the same thing

BooGhosted 0

I was thinking the same thing

Combo breaker: FAILED. I was thinking the same thing.


I was thinking the....wait I see whats going on here.

I hate when people make up stuff to go on here

gandhislayer 6

Lol tht really sux I've only seen that in movies

You've only seen that in movies because smart people know that you shouldn't keep your fish outside, on the balcony.(:

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Okay, purposely doing that is just wrong.

bengalsbaby13 0
RainbowzSkittlez 6

Wow that's just ******* wrong. Just because they looked "ugly" you should purposely let your cat eat them? wtf.

MrSexyPants 14

You are so sick. I hope you get eaten.

WTF?! that's horrible. your probably uglier than they were. how bout we " let you outside for air" and feed you to a bear

Dude ur gonna be a serial killer one day-_-

Oh come on! Why thumb him down? He's just making a little joke!