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By PrinceOfBritain - 14/05/2015 02:41 - United States - Chesapeake

Today, I was walking my dog through a park with a lake. My dog was swimming in said lake, and then appeared to be having trouble keeping his head up. I put my phone and keys on the ground and waded to my dog. He was fine, but I turned around in time to see someone run off with my stuff. FML
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Fyl. Trying to help out your dog and humanity bites you in the back. Well I hope your dog is okay but fyl

Yes, but your phone probably has a tracker on it, and can be reported to the police. Unless the guy keeps the phone turned off indefinitely or disables the tracker, he's basically screwed.


Ydi for not checking the area for hobos op.

Wow, talk about being an asshole, just because his shit got stolen doesn't mean hobos did it.

Homeless people arent the only people who steal, asshole.

bro. you would have panicked too if you thought you saw your dog drowning

Same reason your dad didn't check for the asshole gene in his sperm.

gotta love people taking stuff so seriously

I'd value my pet over any of my possessions. The last thing I'd think of when trying to save my pet is hobos in the area. Please don't be an asshole.

and if there were? you'd just let your pet drown?

Fyl. Trying to help out your dog and humanity bites you in the back. Well I hope your dog is okay but fyl

See hope your dog was ok and fyl indeed. Screw you mr hobo guy

That sucks. Happened to me before. Sorry OP

marissyyyyy 15

Op swam out to his dog. If he did his phone would've been damaged

I think I would've held them in my hand, I treat my phone like its my baby

7 - so if the dog ended up needing saving and you had to use your arms to do it and the water was up to your pockets, youd just drop it in the water? sounds like the opposite of treating your phone like a baby, i wouldnt take mine NEAR the water to begin with. please dont ever hold a real baby, then... hopefully you misread the fml

If it were me, I would have held the phone with my teeth.

If it were up to me, I would've held the dog with my teeth. Let's just all be glad it wasn't me...

Yes, swimming in a lake phone in hand is a great idea!

I've ale heard those pick-pocket people work in groups maybe your dog was in on it.

I hate when bad things happen to good people.

You could have tried hiding them. FYL though OP.

Let's just gently set my belongings behind this tree and maybe go grab a tarp to cover them up nice and easily... all this whilst my DOG IS DROWNING

11 - where? please dont ever ever ever be a lifeguard if you take the time to find a hiding spot for things instead of rushing to a potential drowning victim.