By killercow - 19/04/2011 16:19 - United States

Today, I walked into the laundry room when my mom pulled a condom wrapper out of my pants pocket. She looked at me and said, "You know you can't wash and reuse these?" FML
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your guys eyes are really pretty :) -10

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op you're probably proof that it doesn't work

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If you're old enough to be having sex, you're more than capable of doing your own laundry...

41- That's a very good point. And you're old enough to learn to check your pockets beforehand. Shame shame.

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76 I gave you a thumbs up for your picture xD

76 i would have taken the one in the bak... whaatt? Its easier to jump out and run for your life in the bak... just sayin

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YDI for making your Mom do your laundry, for leaving crap in your pockets like a child, for freaking just because you have a parent who's comfortable with sexuality.

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I agree hah. That's something my mom would do!

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well, op's mom does make a valid point....

Box of condoms: $5.99 Cheap bottle of booze: 16.00 A mother with a sense of humor: Priceless.

op's mom is awsome!!! :D if i was a guy and my mom found a comdom in my pocket she would freak and ground me forever ahaha XD

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85- My mom would freak if she found nothing in my pocket. Protection first!

OP's mom is lucky she didn't flip a shit this isn't an FML more like a TML

you can't? damn it now someone tells me!

Everybody knows that you can use them only twice. After the first time, simply turn it inside out !

lol. This reminds me of a picture in fail blog about a granny hanging washed used-pads. Eww.

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42 The first time I read your comment I thought it was a joke about the Chuck Norris pokemon card and then I read it again. I must admit, it was much funnier the first time.

Well, at least I tried ! And it was more an attempt at saying something stupid, than funny. But I don't get how it would be funny about the chuck Norris card. Then again, most of the Norris-jokes won't even make me smile, so ...

Recycling is saving the environment, that's why I recycle everything including condoms.

^This explains the rise in population of prom night dumpster babies.

Do not forget to recicle your sperm. It's very nutritious.

I almost threw up because of those tattoos. Your prof said not to judge you from them, im not, theyre just N A S T Y.

Well. I must have been using them completely wrong this whole time then! I could have sworn "condoms" were fancy party balloons.... that's why my grandmas birthday party was so awkward..,

don't be silly, grandparents don't believe in condoms, thus the rampant amount of std's raging in our senior population. gross, I know.

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Haha 9. It's funny cause it's true :p

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At least she can make a joke out of it.

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it's the best way to avoid such awkward situation

"honey, you know how I feel about you playing with mini waterballons inside the house"

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If your condoms are like mini water balloons, you have a problem.

w8 I thought it was normal to use mini waterballoons as condoms......I mean, they save me a shit ton of cash and they come in a variety of fantastic colors... what's the problem? :)