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  22cute  |  17

YDI for making your Mom do your laundry, for leaving crap in your pockets like a child, for freaking just because you have a parent who's comfortable with sexuality.

  sirdolittle  |  0

Well, at least I tried !
And it was more an attempt at saying something stupid, than funny.

But I don't get how it would be funny about the chuck Norris card. Then again, most of the Norris-jokes won't even make me smile, so ...

By  FinnaHolla  |  0

Well. I must have been using them completely wrong this whole time then! I could have sworn "condoms" were fancy party balloons.... that's why my grandmas birthday party was so awkward..,

  TheJester12  |  15

w8 I thought it was normal to use mini waterballoons as condoms......I mean, they save me a shit ton of cash and they come in a variety of fantastic colors... what's the problem? :)