By dry spell - 02/07/2013 16:17 - United States - Belfair

Today, my mom stole the condoms out of my room and gave them to my little brother because I "won't be needing them anytime soon". FML
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rg350dx 29


That sucks that your mum thinks your brother has a better sex life than you, go and prove her wrong!

Hurbel684 10

You're screwed... in a bad way.

Let's not forget that, judging by this FML, OP can't get "screwed"!

Please ignore this comment. Even the best of people make mistakes!

When your title is dry spell I don't think you will need them anytime soon...

5 and a half. Believe me he gets all the b!tches.

I avoid giving you a thumbs up because you slightly censored bitches.

@4 why would it matter what age they are? if the mum is giving him condoms im sure hes gonna be at least 15 or something and theres nothing wrong with that.

Tell your brother they're finger gloves and to show mommy.

SkateboardGirl88 11

Does she know condoms for girls are different for guys...? Or maybe I'm reading this wrong...

You're both confused. Anyone else care to explain this one?

She might has condoms as well. Guys are not the only ones keeping them around just in case. So they might be regular condoms she has in case she needs one. I do the same.

I think #6 is talking about the "female condom" which are the ones that have some sort of ring on them and insert into the ******. Hey, us girls have to protect ourselves and not just relay on the guys to do it for us. :P

Diyafram is the female version of a condom, but I would hope that OP's Mum isn't that stupid, as to give her son those.

But why not? If the son is having sex with a female, why not use the DIYafram (I didn't know its name). From what I've heard, they are just as effective and more comfortable for the males. I know a few guys that hate the tightness that come along with regular condom uses. Though I have the feeling it was the regular type the OP got stolen from her. (: DIY stand for Do It Yourself, right? Haha

right, it's time for school... Women can insert a diaphragm, which is kind of a saucer shape. But there is also a female condom - known as a femidom - which is tube shaped. However, more women would prefer to keep normal condoms to hand than either of these two...

I hope you're brother is old enough to understand sex; else he might think they're oddly shaped balloons

She just killed you with doing that ;D

rg350dx 29

You just killed me with reading that. ;D

I'm just wondering why your mom knows where you keep your condoms...

shadowedpixie 19

That is so immensely awkward.