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  girl112891  |  7

People live with their parents for a long time for many reasons. What I'm wondering is, why was mommy cleaning your room? Or is she just the type that'll do it even if you tell her not to? Hide your condoms better from now on!

  stevenJB  |  25

That cat, sir, is in fact, pretty badass.


108- He did use a comma inappropriately. However, your reaction was a little much. The comma immediately following the word "fact" should not be present. Aside from that, he was correct in setting off the word "sir" by using commas.

If you still want to slowly roast him and serve him on a bed of lettuce, though, feel free to do so. I'll have a tender piece...

  Crazberry  |  5

I'm twenty and I live with my mom, just cos I can't afford to get my own place on a minimum wage salary right now. One of the girls I work with is 27 and she lives at home too. It's all about the money :/ I do pay her room and board though.

  downtime  |  12

4, Because this is the 21st century. Its common for people to live at home well into their late 20's, mostly because of the increased cost of living that is usually unsustainable for young or underemployed people. I mean hey, you could risk it and move out without enough backing to support yourself, or you could just swallow your pride and save up, making life a lot easier.
It all entirely depends on the opinion of your family rather than yourself. If they're happy to have you then it's fine. If they want you gone, then I guess you're up shit creek :P
It is only a problem if you remain at home despite being well off enough to move out, until you are, no harm done.

  dustbunny10  |  0

^completely agree!! If I could live at home I would. Although no where did the fml suggest op is still a student, but being one myself I know living on my own is extremely hard. Keep in mind most people get out of school with a large sum of debt, so hey why not!
As for the room cleaning part, that's just what mothers do (and they almost always snoop). Or at least mine... Thank god I now live 5 Hrs away so she can't find excuses to casually "visit" all the time.

  BicPlease  |  3

It's okay that OP is with their parents, what concerns me is that you're 24 years old and your parents are still cleaning your room? Really? OP is at fault here.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Agree w/ 131, although OPs mom could have been snooping.
There's probably also a bit of hippocracy here. Had OP been male and 24, condoms probably wouldn't have been a big deal. But a 24 yrold woman with condoms is obviously a slut.

  Yodaevil  |  4

Sorry, if you have an computer/iPhone and net access, you're doing it wrong. I moved out at 22, got married and started a family. No collage education or silver spoon. Just worked hard and a lot, and didn't squander money on fun things.

  ladyLALAA  |  28

My mum stopped cleaning my room when I was like 10, I say YDI for not cleaning your own room. And as for living at home, especially at 28, why not share a house with friends?

  HollyDolly660  |  8

You guys are also making the assumption that OP asked her mom to clean her room. I know a lot of people, although they are only about 17 (same concept though), who's mom just cleans their room once in a while out of the goodness of their heart. It's also a way to snoop without looking like a bad mom.

  reilyn  |  10

I'm 20 and I have an apartment with my boyfriend but I could still afford a place on my own making a few cents more than minimum wage. It's all about budgeting.

  Benchyface  |  11

I feel bad for people that live in such bad countries that they have to live with their parents after they turn 18. :<
I moved out when I was barely 16. Doing fine, living in a nice place and I don't even have a job because we get money for going to school/college.

By  Strafeh  |  9

Ask her to join you two.
What could go wrong?

  MissMae93  |  23

Why? I've been with my man for almost 3 years now, but the cost of rent, food, utilities and other random expenses is way too much for me to afford while I'm attending college. At home, just about everything is free. Your statement is officially invalid.

  Phyre24  |  17

I think that all the new "great" music is down right shit. AC/DC, Rolling Stones, and almost anything from their era is what I've always listened to in my short 14 years of life and that will never change! Justin Beiber can go fuck himself! ROCK FTW!!!!

  Maddidaddi  |  0

And your 14 years of age shows when you put down someone else. Just because something isn't good to you, do not make it bad. If something is good to anyone, the artist has succeeded.