Not now, Cooper

By Me. - 27/10/2011 06:40 - United States

Today, I got a boner at the dentist's. FML
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Nikkitaria 9

Better than having a boner at a funeral.

theevilduchess 12

Can you say "oral fixation"!?!


theevilduchess 12

Can you say "oral fixation"!?!

It's not your fault...

Buttsexpirate 9

O-Orial Fix-Fixa-Fixashion? No? Dammit!

I think he has a bone to pick with his dentist.

Not while getting a filling, I can't. If only there was some way to show you...

Damn_Hippster 11

I guess you were happy to see the dentist.

I just OPs a guy or this could be a completely different FML

norwal dictation! damn it!

is the dentist cute?

Attack of the indiscriminate boner!!! I guess a good thing about being a chick is I never have to deal with that sort of thing. FYL OP.

I guess OP wanted to do some drilling of his own.

And your teeth are bonerrific

I always get boners at my dentist

At least it wasint a physical..

blackheart24 10

Well that's inconvenient...

Is your dentist the one from horrible bosses?

FunwithBumperCar 0

More like boner after dentist!

Spontaneous boners are the worst.

phoenixslayer69 4

Random boners are great. Everyone loves Boners.

The clinical term is narb. No apparent reason boner.

Did OPs dentist drill him hard???.... I'm sorry someone had to say it

Jackbagger_fml 0

Actually it's RBS random boner syndrome

HarveyMalone 0

I see what you did there #9...

9 beat me to it. Fail

rexgar2000 10

Today, it took me like 15 tries to click this FML. FML

Only took me 10 ha loser :)

Huh and to think I scrolled through the fmls using the arrows at the top. It's pretty simple...

thelinlinx3 10

Who said it was spontaneous? ;)

saIty 17

Did you have a hot dentist, and hoped that your appointment would turn into some kinky porno?

Jennifer Aniston from horrible bosses.

She sure was jennifer annistom

Nikkitaria 9

Better than having a boner at a funeral.

Better than a boner at the holocaust museum

Mattador_fml 0

Better than a boner at a family reunion


Not better then a V8!

SemperFi_23 6

Not better than crispy bacon!!!!!!!!!!

Busby91 0

Not better than doing your hot dentist

ceilingfans 1

Better then not having a boner at a boner convention

dbdette3 0

Stiffy? Haha

btown99909 0

better than having a boner while hugging your mother.

What was your platoon?

On the bright side, better you than the dentist!

Brice28_fml 10

Did the laughing gas make you happy?

JEnglish89 1

I always wear a hoodie to the dentist.

TylerOMFG 7

Obviously your penis wants some tending to as well.

onikage_666 0

With drills and hooks and the like.

And say, 'Uhn..'

Now spit!

Spitters are quitters #40!

Haha! But the difference between- like and love is spits or swallows. (:

Bbhd05 0

Yes and showing off = gargling

Your username matches the context of your comment.

And so his profile picture.

Was it a long and hard trip?

No, it was a long and hard rise!

I bet you wanted to fill the dentist's cavity, if you know what I mean.

phoenixslayer69 4

No I don't can you explain it to me....

33 stfu you are killing all of our brain cells. Just leave FML until you learn how to form a proper sentence with correct spelling.

I don't either :3

Step one, look up the definiton of cavity if you don't already know it. Step two, apply logic.