Timing is important

By effingdoucher - 30/01/2011 06:07 - United States

Today, I was having sex with a guy I met at my friend's party. He stopped mid-thrust, climbed off, and started talking about how nervous he is about buying his first car next week. FML
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He should be nervous! Cars are important thing to get right!

You hooked up with a drunk guy you met three hours before, and the sex wasn't perfect? I can understand your disappointment that he wasn't a caring and sensitive lover...


He should be nervous! Cars are important thing to get right!

With a tiny bit of creativity, and if you squint your eyes, it makes perfect sense. It was supposed to say "with a guy."

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It does say 'with a guy'....?

Yeah it does now. Mods must have changed it. DAMN you Sirin.

No it doesn't. "Today, I was having sex with A guy I met at my friends party."

1. A guy she met @ a party. 2. Getting his 1st car. does anybody else see something wrong with this picture?

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Which lead to three letters, YDI.

not necessarily, u could use a condom ;)

Now that doesn't make any sense at all.. why not have sex as long as u use protection?

Pretty sure condoms don't prevent stds

Ofc they do, that's one of the main things about them.

103, so tell me; why would YOU use a condom?

So...Do your own test. Use sheep skin condoms and see how long it takes you to get AIDS. Or do the research and find condoms only protect so much real estate. Herpes sores at the base of a dick are still going to infect whatever it comes in contact with.

So107, u're also saying that u shouldn't have sex at all? Cuz u know, condoms do prevent the spreading of most STDs..

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condoms prevent life never use em XD

don't **** people u barely know, do have sex, use condoms. there I solved everything

106, to prevent pregnancy but I solve the STD problem by not sleeping with ******... works pretty well for me lol

just check the field before u play. simple :)

"*****"? Is that how u would refer to someone with a std?

no I refer to them as unlucky lol btw sima u cute I'll use a condom wit u anyday ;)

oh shit ur not legal nvrmind hahahaha damn I feel like a pedal time to go shower it off lol

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sounds interesting, that's the only thing on my mind too!

Well sounds more like SHE didn't suck him...

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it sounds like he let the troops out of the gate a little to early and made up a excellent excuse.

Maybe he thought he was doing it awful and tried to explain it to you?

What kind of guy stops in the middle of sex even if he feels he's not doing so well ? Who cares if the **** is having pleasure anyway ???

Do not talk of subjects you have no idea of, Mr Insane

He was giving you that "sex is like a well oiled machine" crap wasn't he?

Anybody would be nervous about buying a new/old car:/. It takes a lot of time finding the right one...cars aren't like you that he can hop in and hop out mid drive because he isn't satisfied. :). Good for him!!!!