By effingdoucher - United States

Timing is important

  Today, I was having sex with a guy I met at my friend's party. He stopped mid-thrust, climbed off, and started talking about how nervous he is about buying his first car next week. FML
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By  Zebidee  |  8

You hooked up with a drunk guy you met three hours before, and the sex wasn't perfect?

I can understand your disappointment that he wasn't a caring and sensitive lover...

  GRyphonLJJ  |  0

So...Do your own test. Use sheep skin condoms and see how long it takes you to get AIDS.

Or do the research and find condoms only protect so much real estate. Herpes sores at the base of a dick are still going to infect whatever it comes in contact with.

By  KrazieKleo  |  13

Anybody would be nervous about buying a new/old car:/. It takes a lot of time finding the right aren't like you that he can hop in and hop out mid drive because he isn't satisfied. :). Good for him!!!!