By Anonymous - 20/04/2011 02:21 - United States

Today, my cat took a shit in my toaster. FML
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mikejunior88 4

did you discover this before or after you made your toast?

scrape out the shit and use it as Nutella on your toast. tasty solution ;)


Infamous_Hawk 6

Took me about 8 tries to click on this FML.

Infamous_Hawk 6

Just because I'm on my iPod touch.

8 tries, really? it took me only 3 :')

Jrefinne 7

It didn't even post my comment. ='(

MeowingKat 0

Hey that was me who shitted in your toilet! It seemed like the place to do it ya know?

aamor01 0

scrape out the shit and use it as Nutella on your toast. tasty solution ;)

JacindasaurXD 0

Me &Youu Have Thee Same Thinking:)

what if the OP was so desperate to take the shit out that he forget to turn off the toaster and burned his hand in the process ... then immediately went for a wank and burned his dick ... then ****** his girlfriend and burned her pussy ... then finally nine months later his baby came out burned :'(

kryxen 14

#294 YOU are that burnt baby. I can tell cause your brain appear to be fried.

makenna2011 6

lol wow that sucks...mmm shit toast

MyMuse7 0

next time he does it...turn it on

did op find out when their toast tasted like shit?

xoxospontaneousx_fml 0

haha I actually laughed at this one :) it would be a lot worse if you didn't find out until after you made your toast :))

eisblume513 0

haha, my cat pissed in mine. I know the feeling.

LunaNstars 0

did you find out the hard way?

brodie1709 5