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  bubble25_fml  |  5

well if the wife cheated on him and another man impregnated her, that would obv mean that op wasn't her dad's real daughter, yet he still cared for her as if she were his real daughter, just the way adoption works. so in a sense it is like her dad adopted her without knowing, and maybe the reason he just told her was because he just found out himself.

  calebobadiah  |  0

yeah, if this happened in America than she couldn't not let him know, because they would have her records and see that she was married(THEY would need HIS signature).

  twinmum_fml  |  6

#61 I was going to state the obvious too! u beat me too it. there are obviously people on this planet that don't have enough brain power to figure that fact out. pretty sad

  batman_516  |  9

You are the idiot. Adoption is a legal process. therefore the dad would be a stepdad. if the wife had the child, then at no point has OP been adopted. idiot.

  xalerion  |  0

another possibility is that the mom was impregnated by the dad and the fetus/baby died in the 2nd term and so, already having a bigger " belly", she did not inform the husband and instead arranged for an adoption of which only she partook which was finalized around the date that the doctors were able to safely remove the dead child from her womb, and she just brought it home instead. depending on the dad's job, it is possible that he would have been unable to go to the dr appointments and the wife could have requested that the hospital tell the father nothing. she still had a "birth" even if the baby was deceased and the father may have been squeamish and not looked if he was there, or she could have asked him to leave. deception is easy. and the father could have adopted the child at the hospital unknowingly because there is paperwork to fill out and he may have just not thought to read them, because the wife already had filled it out or he trusted her, etc. some people just don't pay much attention and don't notice things.
honestly it's not a fyl or a ydi, how could you deserve it? and if they love you and you love them, it shouldn't affect your relationship. sure it's an omg... really...? exasperation thing but just shake your head and live on.. nothings really changed

  redundancy  |  0

there is way more to the adoption process, like interviewing both parents. there's no way the wife could arrange an adoption without the husband knowing. unless, of course, we're talking about a black market baby.


she's not called a foster mom shes legally her child (if op is adopted) and is legally considered a parent not a guardian she is ops mother
sorry I'm adopted so that kinda bothers me

  norr  |  0

i totally agree with you guys shes a totall selfish bitch and isnt thankfull.. obvi so just get lost and go back to where you came from (hell) buh byesss

  nfc14  |  2

Mother was preagnant and lost it in the late stages. Never told him and then arranged a quick adoption. However it happened if noone knew or found out it must have been a decent childhood so who cares?

  DocBastard  |  38

calebobadiah - How about we make fun of you for something you have no control over? Do you have any control over being a complete asshole?

Alex94xela - No, it is not a "win". It's an obnoxious comment meant to demean someone over his looks. You should be ashamed of yourself.

If you'd like to tell this commenter just how you feel about him, do it to his face so he can punch you in yours.