By CliffyB03 - 01/08/2016 21:00 - United States - Coraopolis

Today, while at work as a cashier, one lady's total was $1.32. She handed me the dollar, and then apologized. When I looked at her, confused as to what she was sorry about, she went wrist deep into her bra, grabbed some change, and quickly put it into my hand. It was wet and it smelt. FML
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I'm actually surprised this one got published. But it was 90 degrees out, and my hand smelt like boob sweat for a good half hour until I was able to go a scrub my hand clean.

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I used to work in retail and it was so gross when people got money from their bra!! I know it's convenient but I don't want to touch your boob sweat, thanks.


I used to work in retail and it was so gross when people got money from their bra!! I know it's convenient but I don't want to touch your boob sweat, thanks.

JMichael 25

I still work retail and can't even begin to tell you how many times someone has done that. It's gross.

kaysheik 16

Your **** are not a wallet. That's so nasty...

Of all the places in the world to keep change... Talking about playing things close to the chest.

I work in Fast food, and this has happened to me! But it wasn't wet nor did it smell.

At least she said sorry. Most customers make a face at me when I grab it with two fingers as to decrease the boob money bacteria that go from the bill unto my body. Like, I'm not one keeping money in my bra, dude so don't make that face at me.

fpants2010 18

Ah, retail. When I worked in a grocery store as a teen, I'd have old men ask me to reach into their pants pockets to grab change. No thanks!

OMG I hope that did not happen often or only happened once.It has to be the most absurd thing ever to ask someone to do in public.

I think you misunderstood, she had old men ask her to directly put her hand into THEIR pants pocket and get the change, that's incredibly creepy. It's fine to keep change in your pockets, but to ask the cashier to grab it for you from this area, that's just weird. You can grab change from your pocket yourself.

Oh but I knew it and my reply was regarding the same if you were replying to me that is! Sorry if I did not make it clear in that comment

Oh there was another comment under yours that must have got removed, I was replying to them.

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We actually have signs in Texas outside of business that state "we do not accept boob or sock money"

Especially in the summer. Some signs say something along the lines of "due to the high temperatures and increased sweating we are NOT accepting boob or sock money". just ewww

We didn't have signs, but my manager told us that under no circumstances were we to accept money unless it came out of a pocket, purse, wallet or any type of other acceptable money holder. If we had any problems, we could call them to back us up. It was for our own safety, they didn't want us to touch or deal with currency that was moist with bodily fluids on it and had even more germs than money already does.

Good god, is boob/sock money that big of a problem that signs are actually necessary?

when someone hands you a bill so soaked with sweat you can almost ring it out, you'll understand how gross it is

well you gotta understand, everyone hates change in their wallets or purse...however why in her bra