One day…

By Animal - 24/02/2011 19:14 - Canada

Today, my mom was snooping around my room, and found the unopened box of glow in the dark condoms I bought myself year ago. She laughed and said, "No takers yet, eh?" FML
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I have two words for you: Lightsaber battles.

You should have told her you took up drugs instead.


You should have told her you took up drugs instead.

MissKelly8D 0

Win.:) on your mums part at least.

lol reminds of that old fml where the girl's boyfriend and other friend (boy) were playin star wars with glow in the dark ones

I knew he was canadian the moment his mom said "eh"

Now you see it, now you don't ?

Turning your penis into a novelty item is never a good idea

iSitt 0

that was a bonding moment. ask her to pimp you out.

I have two words for you: Lightsaber battles.

Penises_are_fun 0

Put them on sticks? YES DO IT NOW!!!

10_4Franky 0

I got you reference, if you meant one to made if at all.

lmfaoo I bet that's fuun ?

redneckbab7 0

Rite thts exactly wat it looks like haha

xoxoMEGANxoxo 13

lmao. ur mom is so nice! :P

xoxoMEGANxoxo 13

I was being sarcastic.

awwww, poor you :(

MudBoy 0

that sucks

Nice mom :D well you still have a few more years. Just don't let them expire, that would be a waste of those cool glow-in-the-dark condoms!

Beat her. That's what I do.

:) My grandmother blew up a bunch of condoms and tied them to my uncle's car on his sixteenth birthday

tinayoufatlarddd 0

Now you see you don't!

couldn't see it in the first place... ;)

kingtz 6

HAHAHA that's an awesome way of putting it!

nice one tinayoufatlarddd. that was a hilarious way to put that. lol.

baileyfml 0

well goodness that sucks! what colours?

it's called hiding your fat stomach

yes it is!!! ^^^^^ the bitch next door to me does the same shit!! I just keep telling her she ain't foolin no one!!

DaveEPIC 0

She's probably just showing her cleavage.

alexavb15 4

Lmao Right ;p