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Eliseopwns 22

Teenage fads... Not your fault. A good laugh for her future self, you know?

You didn't. It's all age lol


Eliseopwns 22

Teenage fads... Not your fault. A good laugh for her future self, you know?

Well you started going wrong when you allowed a cardboard cut out of Edward Cullen into your house

I struggle to see what girls find attractive about Rob Pattinson as Edward Cullen.

"Chronically constipated" has got to be the most accurate description of his expression yet

OP should record it through the crack in the door and post it on Facebook.

42, I completely agree and I couldn't have put it any better, myself.

Still a better love story than Twilight xD

Eliseopwns 22

Isn't it his "mysteriousness" or whatever?

You didn't. It's all age lol

Just hope her dad isn't on team Jacob.

Yeesh, hope she grows up soon then...

You went wrong as soon as you bought that cut out.

How did she buy a cardboard cutout of him? You at least allowed it in the house...

I have no idea where you went wrong. But I know she went right into Edward Cullen's arms for comfort... :/

Well, I lost this comment. *walks out with what dignity I have left*

Keep practicing and eventually you'll come up with a few winners olpally, lol

haha. It's alright. I'll be fine :D on to the next one. Oh well.

Maybe an Edward Cullen cut out might help you get over this ;-)

FUCK NO 49!!! Lmao. Drinking would help me now! Haha.

*Watches in horror as Pally runs to his Jacob cut-out. *

Slapandtickle^^^ NO!! Lol. Good grief!

It took him 4 tries, but olpally finally got a comment with some thumbs up! lmao

Ok ok I believe you... Not. ;)

She will grow up eventually.. I hope!

When she does she might cry ... 'But Edward Cullen is immortal' THAT'S when you should worry OP.

I'm telling you, twilight is next to Justin beiber on the immense fail list. I feel for you op hopefully this is just a phase?

Is One Direction on this list too? I sure hope so

Of course... If anything it's higher up. One direction os just bieber x5

Link5794 18

You know what's worse than any of those things? Their fans.

You went wrong by letting her watch Twilight in the first place...

Your profile pic is gold.

I thought it was when he let that cut out make it through the front door.

The hatred of twilight in my house is so intense, things like that (especially flammable cardboard) would spontaneously combust if it got anywhere near my doorway. haha

You should have recorded it so you can show it to her when she is older to embarrass her.

Or put it on Facebook. Maybe that would embarrass her enough to get rid of the cardboard cutout. :)

Parents aren't cool to talk too!! Duh.

It's also not very cool to cry into a cardboard cut-out...

Fairly certain she was being sarcastic.

You didn't happen to tell her you're on team Jacob, did you?

Teenagers...nothing you can do about it.

Burning the cut out is something she can do about it