By Anonymous - 03/06/2018 12:00 - United States - Bellevue

Today, I walked in on my daughter making out with a piece of paper with someone from the cast of IT taped to her pillow. FML
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Extra FML -- it was Pennywise.

manb91uk 22

Maybe she just wants to float...


Extra FML -- it was Pennywise.

manb91uk 22

Considering Pennywise is actually a pregnant female demon, that would be disturbing on many levels

Where's the priest dad when we need him now?

manb91uk 22

Maybe she just wants to float...

well there are some things in life you just can't unsee

At first, I was wondering which character of “The IT Crowd” it was.

Me too! I was thinking maybe Moss?

Definitely Roy. He's got the right lipstick for it.

Don’t give her grief for it. Don’t embarrass her. Such silliness is normal when you’re young.

Perfect response!

While it’s a bit amusing, this really is “making a mountain out of a molehill”. Boys and girls, but especially girls, spend time on imaging and preparing for relationships and how they would act. What OP saw is quite normal - Do not embarrass your daughter. She’s growing up and things like this are normal.

openawhole00 6

She was just trying to inflate his balloon for him

Would you rather she be out getting pregnant at a young age?

A piece of paper!? Your daughter lacks imagination and that shud be the FML for you man.

FishyFishy 12

I guess she wanted IT....