By orangechicken - United States - New Hudson
Today, I found out that my daughter has been watching Supernatural and The X-Files so she'll fit in better at school. I'm not even angry that she's suddenly a brain-dead conformist, it's just that she now has nightmares all the time and insists on sleeping in my bed. She's a kicker. FML
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  WaSiSimiLang  |  8

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  metalwolf  |  17

80- I said I would never be an apartment mover and I would never be a security officer. That is most of my resume. Both jobs were practically handed to me. I have learned my lesson. Now I only say "I will never be rich" *crosses fingers and works to make it come true*

  MrSassypants  |  32

Call me a freak but the sexiest thing is Jensen Ackles' ankles. It is just so perfect. If you see him at the beach with shorts and flip flops you would have an orgasm at the sight of those things.


I've actually been to an awards ceremony for high school theater and Jensen was in town so he came and presented an award. I about died. Then on vacation in Maui Jared got off an elevator right in front of me. Once that happened I was like "See Sam and Dean in person. Check. My life is complete". But now I have to ad Mischa to that list too. One day...

  icallbullshit  |  3

You guys watch tv shows JUST because of your attraction to the characters? Lol not even men are that shallow, I remember thinking how hot Nikita was but the storyline made me want to bash my head into a wall, just couldnt watch it no matter how attractive she is.

  Lunantic  |  6

I never got to watch it until a month ago, and I've so far crammed 4 seasons in 3 weeks. I love Jensen, Jared, and Misha so much it's practically unhealthy. Never seen a show I enjoyed so much. (:

  hullingergr  |  7

My girlfriend is in love with Sam and dean and it drives me crazy but you can all think what you want. Personally I love the show but her obsession kinda makes it hard sometimes

By  4everblackjack  |  10

Try explaining to her why there's no reason she should please anyone but herself & if that doesn't go well, call your cable company & just parental block the shows. She might hate you for a while but it's better for her that way.

  Jaxx66  |  21

113, admittedly the only part in "Misery" that made me flinch away was when she hobbled the poor man. I personally think "Rose Red" was really good.

By  felisaa  |  5

Aww i'm not sure what's worse, that she's watching shows she doesn't like to fit in, or that you have to deal with her kicking. Good luck with that op. (: