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Today, I waited for my girlfriend to get in the shower before I stripped down to try and seduce her. I got ready, threw open the door and went in. I walked in on her taking a dump. FML
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It's this wonderful invention God himself bleesed us with and it's a really complictaed process. The angels named it knocking on the door. You should try it.


ooh first! look how cool I am! *rolls eyes*

Ahh I envy you so much...? Op: Thats definitely more of an FHerLife than an FYL.

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Should have wiped her. That's the sexiest thing.

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I moderated this. I was an inch close to clicking no. :/

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Not an FML. Big deal, your girlfriend poops. Did you think angels came down nightly to rid her of waste? Not to mention, you most likely just closed the door really quickly and it wasn't that big of a deal.

I don't think whether she was taking a crap or not was the problem #197... The problem was where she was taking a crap..

OMG UR 1st? HOW??? OP: your a moron how is that a FML or even a FHerL god grow up and stop being an idiot. Did you know that eventually you will be taking ***** in front of each other on purpose? OMFG HOW DISGUSTING.

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To #182- What do you mean girls don't do that?! You mean take a dump?! Saying that is like saying that guys aren't arses and DON'T just want to sleep with anything in a skirt. It's a lie and it's sexist!

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OMG u saw ur gf poop...big deal! u'd have to find out that she does that eventually >.> i swear some guys r so stupid ~cough~ 182 n 24 u clearly dont live w/ ne girls n if u keep up that attitude u might not in the future... there r childrens books "EVERYONE poops" (everyone!!) OP: immaturity is a part of childhood...grow up now pls :) if ur gonna have a long relationship w/ her then ur gonna have to get over this...its not that bad ...just move past this. she's still the same girl

#228: oh but generalizing about men isn't sexist because women are the minority, so they can get away with it. oh how i love america.

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she needs to use something called a lock


24 yes they can it's natrual to poop if u dnt you could die from all the toxins staying in your body from the poop. Not good.

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lol boner kill :x unless he has a poo fetish..

Girls do poop! They poop rainbows and rose petals!

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not an FML give her a blumpkin

It's never too late to try a new fetish!

I think he heard the shower turn on and thought she was in it already.

It's this wonderful invention God himself bleesed us with and it's a really complictaed process. The angels named it knocking on the door. You should try it.

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It doesn't say she was ******** in the shower. In most countries, they keep the toilet and the shower in this one room called the bathroom.

agreed #34, there's a toilet and a shower in my bathroom! lol

he never said he knocked, and he also never said she was ******** in the shower. she probably turned the shower on and used the toilet before she got in.

hahahahaha agree also... theres this thing called bathroom here in brazil too, lol.

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well, this happened in I'm pretty positive the toilet and shower are in the same room.....

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He states he waited for her to GET IN ThE SHOWER idiots. So it does seem as though she was in the shower! Duh it's what op said. People try to be smart asses and end up looking even more foolish. He should have said he thought she was in the shower but instead ....

if you actually WAITED for your girlfriend to get into the shower instead of being a dumb bitch, maybe this awkwardness wouldnt've happened. btw, EVERYBODY POOPS

no one's pooping in the shower if u was smart u'd kno that most people take a dump right before showering.

we just need more info - could be either

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she must have one of those fancy new "silent" showers. perhaps the toilet is built in.

Actually I always get in the shower, wash my body, hop out, do my pooping thing, then get back in and finish the shower.

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I hope you licked the shit off her butt to make her more in the mood for sex. Yeah, that would have scored you extra brownie points.

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Haha, ewww. The images I can gather from that....just ugh.

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ur so retarded... like seriously what's ur problem. ******* cross eyed bitch

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umm...its possible she turned on the shower for it to heat up, then took a dump, then was going to get in the shower after she went to the bathroom? thats what i do, i usually turn on the shower, wait for it to get hot, and brush my teeth while its heating. duhhh.

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I'M retarded? Yeah. Re-read your comment, let's see who's the retarded one. I mean you can't even spell.

Seriously, "cross eyed bitch"? Insult fail. Screwtaylor is funny and cute, so stop being a jealous bitch.

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funny and cute? more like sick and perverted.... you girls have too much time on your hands.

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I lol'd heartily. Good joke.

I think you all take yourselves way too seriously. Taylor was obviously making a joke. Albeit..a..kind of..disturbing one..but..kinda funny too. Jeez people get a sense of humor. I don't get how this comment makes her a bitch. Some other comments maybe (no offense, I just don't always agree with what you have to say) but not this one...and umm...yea get better insults..its embarassing.

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1st thought: WTF?! And LOL @ "brownie points."

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I agree, that comment was just rude and unnecessary. You're a dumba$$ kewl92. Go back to first grade and learn how you spell "your" right.

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**EDIT** I agree with screwtaylor. That comment was just unnecessary and rude. You're a dumba$$ kewl92, go back to first grade and learn how to spell "your" correctly.

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ahaha good idea though. but i feel bad for ur gf, u walked in on her taking a shit....lmfao.

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you know what I love even more then the douches who yell "FIRST"..... the 50 idiots who come and yell at the douche who yells "FIRST."

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What about the one that yells at them =P

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what are you talking about? the shower is where it starts!

r u serious? idt thats right cuz u might slip n fall in the tiolet

You. Rainbow picture guy. Go read the reply to the Dirty Sanchez thread. I don't remember what I said, but I wanted you to read it.

It seems like that post has resonated through several ones since. You might want to take a sight-seeing tour of Lake Erie on the Cleveland Steamer.

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well i wasnt talking about starting by the toilet...more like in the shower. plus who would raise their leg high enough for it to have the chance of it dipping in the toilet

ummm idk if u can read or not but i said SLIP!!!

Euphangel 0 i can read and i was hoping you'd understand what i was trying to say. i mean how big is your toilet for you to be able to SLIP in it?

idk its just in my opinion its disgusting in there

How is it disgusting to make love in the shower?

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I think it's hot too. No seriously, how IS it disgusting? I mean, you're in the SHOWER. You're getting clean while having sex! Just so you know, you kind of get naked and wet when having sex in bed, too.

im not talking about sex in shower, im just saying sex near the tiolet is disgusting!

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Well he was trying to catch her IN THE SHOWER, not IN THE TOILET. And you can't really help they're in the same room... seeing as it's in a BATHROOM.

actually its separate in my house thats y i cant full imagine the scene!!