By jester777 - United States
Today, I sneaked into my girlfriend's house for some romantic time. Before going into her room, I took a dump in the bathroom. Once I was done, I not only noticed that there was no toilet paper left, but I heard her and her 6'5, heavyweight boxer, ex-marine father, talking outside the bathroom door. FML
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  mystomachurts  |  3

why the FUCK would you wait till you sneak into her house to stop and take a dump? I really hope her dad beat the shit out of you just for being such a goddamn moron. And then had a good long talk with his daughter about her extremely poor choices in guys.

  Feverrotes  |  15

We all know mystomachurts is another one of those attention whores wanting as much exposure to his/her comment as possible by replying to a comment near the top.

Still, mystomachurts deserves some credibility for:

1. Posting a valid statement, with only minor grammar errors.
2. Not replying to no.1 like all the other attention whores do.

By  Whydoyouask  |  11

its the risk you have to take to see your girlfirend when you arent able to see her through conventional means. I feel your pain OP :(

But I dont understand why you wouldnt take a dump before-hand, and wait untill you got to her house :/ that was just dumb.