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Today, I was taking a shower. My mom thinks it's ok to just walk in on someone when they are in there so she decides to take a crap. The worst part is she thought it would be less awkward to talk to me. FML
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swishaa218 5

My parents do that all the time... We have a clear glass door, too.


Maybe they're Asian? Open Door Policy :p

What does Asians have to do with this?

Well that's pretty crappy. see what i did there? because her mom was ta-... no?... nevermind.

#26 I am sorry to hurt your feelings really badly but that was not funny and your waffles are not epic.

hahasooo 2

#39 your just rude. #26 those waffles look delicious..or maybe its cuz i jus love waffles! but be nice ppl!:)

aerro1 0

What if her bathroom didn't have a lock?

william8691 10

#39's awesome bro i've seen better comments from him laughed my ass off too lol

reddudeover 2

1 - She could have a key for the door.

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I think the waffles are EPIC

Locking doors isn't very nice. For all we know, they could have only 1 bathroom, and then the mom would be the awkward person taking a dump in the neighbor's lawn.

mizuki123 8

My bathroom door doesn't lock. Also OP I know how you feel. My mom thinks it's okay too.

I always lock my bathroom door, but I sound the shower warning (yell up the stairs) to take care of business before I shower. I like my peace and quiet while I sing Billy Joel and scrub a dub dub. If I didn't have a lock, I'd install one, problem solved!

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"Honey, what shampoo are you using," mom says. "Shut up," OP says.

violetsweety 26

All doors inside the house have special ways to unlock them. Like a credit card or picking the lock with a toothpick... It's all because a child can get locked inside. But I feel for OP because my grandma leaves the door open when she "does her business", and talks to everyone who is near.

MerrikBarbarian 9

139- any lock can technically be picked... Though begs the question why you know so much about it ;)


Think about this, let's say you really needed to take a crap, but you only share one bathroom. Your daughter is in that bathroom taking a shower, is it really wrong to go? Talking to you is a bit far but she was only trying to ease the tension. When you say it in her point of view its not really her fault.

Some washrooms are easy to open. You can just unlock it with a knife :$

I lock the door even if I am brushing my teeth sometimes.

Guys, you're all wrong. The landlord of OP's house doesn't let them lock the doors. Lolz.

It's your family, why should it bother you? Or is it just my family that's pretty open and has chats while someone's on the toilet and someone's in the shower :3

I have a mom like that and my parents won't let me or anyone lock the door. It's quite annoying.

violetsweety 26

145- because I have young siblings. ._.

This FML reminds me of the YouTube video ' you know your a Mexican if '

soccergurrll 8

Good time for conversation! Haha

Streeet_hayley 6

I do that all the time with my mum and sisters, as long as we are all females there's no problem :)

Yinky 6

The one time my mom walked in on me showering she didn't try to talk.. The only thing I heard was something close to Niagra Falls..

Why couldn't OP just tell her off. I know it can come out to be rude but you can simply ask her to comeback when you were done showering and then later nicely tell her that you found that uncomfortable.

Some of the funniest conversations I've ever had with my sister are when she's showering and I'm taking a dump. Strict no-peeking rule though; we only had one bathroom and it had to be shared.

Sexy_Cat_MD 8

Well, why would you even want to peek at your sister? o.O

This is why you lock the door when you're showering (unless your parents have a no locked door rule)

What a retarded rule. Yes. Let's take away our kids rights, that will make us better parents! Tell our kids we dont trust them enough to shower behind a locked door. God knows there is some serious sex, drugs, and rock and roll happening while the shower is running!

Unbweavable 17

Screw the no locking rule. If you tell me others can't look at my goodies they shouldn't have the opportunity to.

My mom's house only has one bathroom, so locking the door while you take a shower is extremely idiotic. What if someone has to pee really bad? Plus, what the **** is wrong with Americans? Are you all really such bad prudes? Damn!

Yes, all of us Americans are really bad prudes. Oh nooooo!

Who's fault is it that your poor ass mom only has one bathroom in her house?? And who do you think you are insulting americans as a whole like that? Go back to your own country you incompetent piece of shit.

Snobby foreigners commenting on our fear of nudity! You'd think OP would get used to his or her mother doing this unless this is some kind of new habit.

38, as a matter of fact, I am a prude towards my family. You **** your family!? Whoa there... Growing up, we all used the bathroom while people were showering, just no pooping.

My parents have the no lock rule, but the reason why is because if someone slips while taking a shower, they can come in and help. It doesn't really seem stupid to me, but that's because there is a legitimate reason behind it. Plus I'm hispanic, and that means my parents are somewhat paranoid.

Why did 38 insult Americans when she lives in America? Once you get citizenship here you're American yourself.

Yeah I'm half American, half German. I lived in Germany for most of my life but I'm still American. It's ridiculous just how prude Americans generally are. I mean, come on. It's your parents. No need to be embarrassed over their bodily functions. And to whoever said my mom was broke, not true. People in Germany generally don't have a bathroom for every member of the family. It doesn't have shit to do with being broke. It's just the way it is.

48, the only reason "snobby foreigners" even comment on your fear of nudity is because it's absolutely ridiculous. You have an entire event basically centered around sex. Spring break anyone? Or turn on the TV. Sex is everywhere. Or the radio. And then, when it's time to actually talk about it or somewhat experience it, the "normal American" has a minor panic attack over it. That's why people from other countries think it's so stupid.

It's ironic that 44 was trying to insult the foreigner and defend America by calling her mom 'poor'. I don't think anyone needs a reminder about the current American economy! Or most places in the world... For that fact!

That and the fact that 44 completely pulled that "insult" out of their ass. It wasn't built on any sort of factual evidence. Just a kid getting pissed and throwing a little temper tantrum.

Lol notice how u have tried 27 FMLs and failed honestly if u dont like america u can go back to germany. At least america hasnt started 2 world wars!

44, so disrespectful, rude, and low. I would love to see you insult someone's parent's financial situation to their face. Whatever financial situation you were born into good for you, clearly you're self entitled. I feel sorry for you for being such a little clueless shit.

Yeah, I tried 27 FMLs. Boohoo. Just for the record, I love the US. I just can't stand the idiots occupying it. And go back to your World History class, talk to your teacher, and find out that Germany did not start World War 1. At all. It was Austria-Hungary and, uh, some Balkan country. Over the murder of a duke and his wife. Get your facts straight, you moron.

For ****'s sake, quit trying to fight over some nation's culture! ****, this is FML, not Cyber World War III!

KiddNYC1O 20

57- You said it. There's a safety issue involved. While it's fine that someone wants their completely privacy, in the event of a slip and fall it'll be extremely difficult to get to someone with a locked door.

Or you could get one of those locks that only give the illusion of privacy. They lock alright, but you can open them with a quarter from the outside.

Cabirious 0

Uh again people. Your parents gave you life, already seen you naked, and as children guess the **** what. We don't actually own any rights! Yes it's true, we can be searched without a warrant, and our parents can make us do anything that isnt illegal. Like oh my god, I don't know showering without a locked door

^But a little privacy won't hurt anyone, would it?

murphy22 6

I've got a no lock rule as well, that's just due to having epilepsy, still doesn't give someone the right to come in while I'm showering unless its an emergency.

zakkyzebra 11

We have a no locked door rule.... But that's because we don't have locks on our doors...

Number one response to arguing a house rule; "If you start paying the bills you can make up your own rules"

First off, a no lock rule sounds retarded. What would be the point of it? If their is an emergency and it has to be opened, then use the key that is above the door. Locking it is the way to say 'Do Not Disturb' or to prevent people while coming in on you in a moment of privacy.

swishaa218 5

My parents do that all the time... We have a clear glass door, too.

swishaa218 5

Yeah, my little brother learns from example as well, so now he has zero inhibitions whatsoever.

I'm unsure why people thumbs up this.... Thumbs down to disrespect. Srsly.

25-Maybe because they could relate to the comment, or found it interesting? Thumbs up doesn't just mean "OMG I totally agree lolZzz."

Trisha_aus 15

I'm happy to say I can't relate but it made me think of a time when I was showering and my nonno walked in on me..again, clear shower curtain..hmmm add that to the list of not so fond memories

It is the same at my house, but I go in to use the bathroom while my mom is showering :x hahaha. And she's the one that starts the conversation.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Ugh. I'm glad I live alone. At the worst I need to worry about cats hopping in the shower with me, which is less awkward, more painful.

Tell you're mom that as much as you feel like a prisoner under her roof, you are not one, and therefore deserve the most basic human rights of privacy. Say it with a smile. :)

Cabirious 0

How about your parents are the only reason your alive and have already seen you naked. So I she needs to take a dump let her take a dump. Simple

Doesn't mean it's any less embarassing. If your mom walks in on you naked, it's gonna be wierd, no matter how you look at it

Tell her to be quiet and play with her phone like everyone else

estes816 9

No wAaaay! That's just wrong ! It's the only privacy I have.

Maybe sit down and set some family ground rules?

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blissmarie 6

seeb49, why would anyone take a crap while standing up?

KingCeltic77 18

My dad does the exact same thing. And when I say not to talk to me, he gets mad and says we're all men, and tells me how the high school football team showers together. I don't really care about the orgies they have in the shower.