By TheMissMuffly - United States - Monmouth
Today, I wanted to take a romantic bath with my boyfriend. I set up the candles and hot water, but I had to take a dump. After my business was done, I called him into the bath. He walks in, sniffs, glances at the toilet and leaves. Guess what I forgot to flush. FML
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  ugh_a_lug  |  7

I have seen way too many public toilets that have not been flushed for it to be possible for all these people claiming that they have never forgotten to flush. There is no way that many people can say they have not forgotten to flush and yet 80% of the toilets in the restroom have residue. The horror!

  SarMarJo  |  17

I remember that happeneing to me once. But he didn't get disgusted. he flushed for me and we proceeded our bath. Now we are married and we take dumps with the door open. ;)

  YoshiMike13  |  4

#138 i was talking about shitting in general, and i dont shit in public bathrooms because i am germaphobic when it comes to that, but whatever floats your boat dude.