By TheMissMuffly - 31/07/2012 15:53 - United States - Monmouth

Today, I wanted to take a romantic bath with my boyfriend. I set up the candles and hot water, but I had to take a dump. After my business was done, I called him into the bath. He walks in, sniffs, glances at the toilet and leaves. Guess what I forgot to flush. FML
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missyj0 12

it was a mistake but I don't blame him for getting turned off.

....the dead goldfish? The drugs? Oh, wait. That was a rhetorical question, wasn't it...


missyj0 12

it was a mistake but I don't blame him for getting turned off.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I want to thank you for posting a worthwhile comment and not posting "FIRST!1!!!11!!!!" :)

^ Or you could just thumb it up. Yeah.

So the candles didn't mask off the smell?

silbot 11

You were going to take a romantic BATH with your boyfriend after taking a dump? Gross

silbot 11

You were going to take a romantic BATH with your boyfriend after taking a dump? Gross

At least OP didn't poop in the bath :) still a turn off though, bad timing for poops.

32 - Candles or air fresheners do nothing but make it smell like someone shit on a bouquet of flowers.

54 - A bouquet full of shit, what a lovely thought lol

54 Or a Christmas Tree

34/35- People actually wipe their ass when they finish their business.

zimripple 8

That would be fairly disturbing

Too bad he's not japanese, outcome would be completely different...

They might have meant because it would smell gross.

143 meant not in Japan because they use things that shoots water into your ass :)

150- Even better!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I don't blame him, but FYL, that would be embarrassing :(

She should've used a different toilet in the house. FYL OP.

Osito2011 9

Not every house has two toilets.

Actually, if she owns a bath big enough for 2, then she should own another toilet.

missmurderx 8

Or she could have just flushed...

I guess, TheMissMuffly isn't so classy.

borkchop1992 15

I call fake girls dont poop

Been there, done that. Everyone does it, laugh it off :)

CVeNgineer 0

Apparently not everyone cuz I don't do it

Everyone has forgotten to flush the toilet at one point in their lives. Even if just once.

Trix_Disorder 20

Why is this getting thumbed down?

I've never not flushed.

94- you should take an IQ test. Cuz with answers like that you must be a genius.

BunchieRules 31

102 - Your comment didn't exactly win a gold medal either.

Dusty_Busters 15

I don't think everyone plans a romantic bath with their boyfriend/girlfriend then leaves a fat log in the toilet

Never not done nothin'

I have seen way too many public toilets that have not been flushed for it to be possible for all these people claiming that they have never forgotten to flush. There is no way that many people can say they have not forgotten to flush and yet 80% of the toilets in the restroom have residue. The horror!

What a shitty situation


That pun has become unfunny, due to its constant usage on FML.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I'm assuming you're new here so I'll fill you in... That sort of pun is way overused and generally frowned upon in the FML community ^.^ Have a great day!

Yes, I'm very new.

....the dead goldfish? The drugs? Oh, wait. That was a rhetorical question, wasn't it...

Guys, refer to the last line of the FML if You don't get it. -_-;

BrysGirl27 14

Hahahah:) I got it:)

I got it and I also read it in a squeaky voice like you requested. Thumb up for you my friend!

In squeakychipmunks profile it says to read everything in a squeaky voice he demands it.


Noob you didn't do what I think you did.

Didn't read that part sorry...

At least you didn't spell anything wrong or you'd be dead.

Yes I agre (I know it's agree)

*stabs* Die, bitch! (By the way guys, I'm thinking about making a 'ask me' blog. Kinda like Jappleack's(look it up on YouTube) message me your opinion ^^)

What did I just watch?

:D A demented version of applejack. Huzzah for the PONY.MOV series!

hahasooo 2

#6 your a girl?

Squeakychipmunk in your bio you missed number 10

Squeakychipmunk you share a birthday with my sister. Woohoo! Once she touched a seemingly diseased chipmunk.

71 if you make such a big deal over every spelling error why did you just say noob. Last I checked that is not a word.

Slang words can be spelled incorrectly.


I was quoting something from chipmunk's bio by when she said a rabid chipmunk will attack you if you spell wrong. By the way, noob is a word, but newb isn't.

So? It's just a dump. Everyone poops.

amyybr 0

ur dumb

No OP is human and makes mistakes. You're* dumb.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

If you're going to call someone dumb, you may not want to substitute "ur" for "you're." It sort of makes you look like the uneducated one.

alshygirl 14

It's too bad the good smelling bath didn't mask it better

julygirl18 8

My brother thinks girls don't poop so yah...

YoshiMike13 4

that HAD to be embarrassing! but on the bright side, everyone does it. Im sure that killed the mood and that sucks. I dont think you deserved it.

I remember that happeneing to me once. But he didn't get disgusted. he flushed for me and we proceeded our bath. Now we are married and we take dumps with the door open. ;)

"Everyone does it". O.o Not me bro... I bet you're the person who leaves giant, gag-inducing shits in public toilets...

YoshiMike13 4

#138 i was talking about shitting in general, and i dont shit in public bathrooms because i am germaphobic when it comes to that, but whatever floats your boat dude.