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  laugher48  |  0

i'm a girl and my boyfriend and I take showers together all the time. we both pee in the shower together. it just gives us something to do plus it's fun. we try to aim it and draw hearts.

  Googolman  |  29

There is nothing wrong with peeing in the shower. All the water and soap will wash it off. And if you need to pee in the shower, why on earth would you wait till you get out, or even exit the shower to use the toilet? You're naked, you're all wet, and it would just be more convenient to use the shower. Completely abandoning the toilet to use the shower whenever you need to pee is an entirely different story, and should be avoided. But when you are actually showering with the water on and everything, there's no problem. It's not like he was shitting in the shower, for God's sake.