By locksmack - 14/06/2009 12:46 - Australia

Today, I was peeing in the shower when my girlfriend suddenly pulled open the shower curtain in an attempt to scare me. Startled, I quickly spun around and peed all over her dress. FML
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funsize003 0

did it "piss" her off? ahahah

That'll teach her.


That'll teach her.

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Peeing in the shower is the best. Did you get a boner afterwards and then fucked your girlfriend silly?

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lol this FML is so funny. I can see this happening.



It was....water >_>

inkdeath87 18

Idiot, seriously? But I agree with #1

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Amen. WTF? "I was peeing in the shower when..." FACEPALM.

Why YDI, though? It's all going to the same place, no?

SHE deserve it ,you mean?!

Lots of people do it...

You're gonna clean yourself afterwards anyways so, why not?

funsize003 0

did it "piss" her off? ahahah

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you should have fucked her afterwards in the shower

so funny!! I thought the exact same thing

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Lol I always try to scare my boyfriend in the shower...I am going to stop immediately! Haha thanks for the tip!

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That'll teach her not to mess with you when you're in the shower!

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all dudes pee in the shower, at least sometime.

i'm a girl and my boyfriend and I take showers together all the time. we both pee in the shower together. it just gives us something to do plus it's fun. we try to aim it and draw hearts.

fooltemptress 36

This comment seriously brings WTFery to new, epic levels.

cjzolo2 5

Ur nasty

That made me lol. How could this be thumbed down? It's practically liquid gold!

Comment of the year^

#339 I'm gonna go lie down and pretend that I didn't read that.

haha . im in the middle with this one... hmm i'll press them both :P

sylvienoir 18

But that's just like pressing neither.

kellster 2

Lol, #3! #8: No they don't. Lots of men think it's fucking nasty, which it is. OP: Put your pee in the toilet where it belongs, and that won't happen.

I piss In the shower all the time! Its convenient and it's sterile so w/e

There is nothing wrong with peeing in the shower. All the water and soap will wash it off. And if you need to pee in the shower, why on earth would you wait till you get out, or even exit the shower to use the toilet? You're naked, you're all wet, and it would just be more convenient to use the shower. Completely abandoning the toilet to use the shower whenever you need to pee is an entirely different story, and should be avoided. But when you are actually showering with the water on and everything, there's no problem. It's not like he was shitting in the shower, for God's sake.

Try locking the bathroom door???