Bad start to the day

By Concussed - 17/01/2010 06:22 - Australia

Today, as I showered, I sneezed, hit my face on the wall, got shampoo in my eyes, slipped on a bar of soap, bashed my head on the wall as I fell, grabbed at the walls to stop me from falling and happened to turn off the cold water, scorching me. FML
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im never showering again haha ): that sucks

A soap. In the shape of a bar. Moron.


im never showering again haha ): that sucks

A soap. In the shape of a bar. Moron.

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Bless you. Maybe switch to liquid soap?

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I have never read about someone failing so many times in less than 5 minutes.

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To #1 - Move to France, you will blend right in.

YDI for sneezing in a shower.. Using shampoo and soap at the same time.. Banging your head on the wall twice (were you listening to heavy-metal?).. Turning off the tap while attempting to stand up.. And for waiting for the water temp to change, before you got out or turned the hot tap off.. Get yourself a showering coach and hop back in for round two..

?!?!?!?! You and #1 could be each other's only friends. (RE 47)

You are either extremely retarded or a complete scumbag #47.

I doubt she was using both as she said she slipped on it, not that she was using it.

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I think 47 is British... Zing!

this is a copy and paste. I saw it a few months ago

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#69 this probably all happened in a matter of two seconds. It has got to be a record for Speed Failing.

lol. everything that could go wrong went wrong.

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reminds me of the time I fell and the shampoo bottle closed and ripped off part of my nipple

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U spelled it wrong idiot its pwnd not pwnt

If we're criticizing people for spelling its powned which is not a word. Thus it is actually owned.

Nor was there even a cockroach in his shampoo bottle! OP: Suck it up, crybaby!