By deargodthepain - United States
Today, I was singing in the shower but couldn't hit the higher notes. My wife complained and 2 minutes later she ran a tap causing my shower to go freezing. I shrieked. My wife said my pitch was still wrong. FML
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  JMichael  |  25

I'm thinking she's going for the fact that they have a fun marriage where they can pick on each other constantly and still love each other at the end of the day.

  littlem91  |  29

Maybe he was singing "Baby baby baby oh like baby baby baby oh like baby baby baby oh like baby baby baby oh, baby baby baby oh..."

Would explain the cold water.


That's because these people think my voice hasn't changed. I have a lot of trouble hitting stuff in the 5th octave (they squeak like Vic Fuentes mixed with Danny Worsnop) but I can still do it. Not to mention I'm a high tenor with some really baritone lows.

By  colton_colton  |  49

Turn the water cold on her and see if she can hit the high notes


So, you were getting "dissed" over the Internet by a stranger you'll never meet. Boo-feckin'-hoo. Don't you have some homework you need to do, kid? You don't even know what it means to be an asshole. THIS is being an asshole. THIS is being condescending and criticizing your worthless nonsense comments. You'd better get used to it quick, because I guarantee you'll be getting a lot more of it even worse than this.

  Dthsapprntc  |  23

Wow, 11 coments on one FML and not one of them has upvotes. I don't know if that is a rcord or not, but someone give this guy a reward, like a "How to get upvotes for dummies" book or something.

Yeah, I know. Crude and stupid comment by me. Bring on the thumbs, I can take it.

Edit: Yipes, all the comments went away....