By ohray - 11/12/2014 16:09 - Turkey - Kibris

Today, I popped into the shower hoping to come out all warm and clean. Something was very wrong with the pipes, and I came out smelling like sewage instead. FML
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I read the first line as, "I pooped in the shower..." I wasn't totally wrong.

I read this as "I popped in the shower," and thought, "What the hell???"


so predictable!! there is always that one guy -.-

At first, I thought it said they pooped in the shower. And it totally makes sense why they would smell bad...

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It probably would stink, literally. Wouldn't you be able to smell it before popping in the shower?

I read this as "I popped in the shower," and thought, "What the hell???"

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I bet you didn't really think that......

Honestly, I did. Just because others said so before me (which I didn't know put the same thing as I validated my comment) doesn't make me a liar.

And now I just realized my autocorrect changed "pooped" to "popped" on my comment. Oh, well. Everyone knows what I meant.

Did your shower have a tank and a bowl? You may have gotten confused.

You poo in the toilet bowl then take a shower after to get clean, not at the same time...

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Op said popped not pooped. Though you're not alone, I had a few seconds of confusion before I read it again.

#28 when I first looked at it I saw pooped and so I went to read it to see that it actually said popped ._.