By AnastasiyaNicholas - 18/02/2012 14:20 - United States

Today, my drunken mother woke up after having passed out and yelled at me for ditching school. It took half an hour to explain that it's 5:00, and I've already been to school. FML
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Don't even try to explain... No use.

Tell her school was canceled for national alcohol abuse awareness day and that they were coming to get her. May provide some entertainment.


Don't even try to explain... No use.

And I graduated and I'm married thanks for missing my life mom I hate u *walks up the stairs in anger*

Graduated, married and still living with his alcoholic mother? Sounds like a recipe for fail.

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Just smile and nod next time, don't waste half an hour

Anyone else realize that the 18th was a Saturday?

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I posted that the day I saw this lol but it's not on here!

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I hope you're going to bartending school. Your mom could sure use your skills and she could help you with your homework -- a great mother-daughter bonding opportunity.

I didn't know bartending schools existed.

You sir, have not lived.

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#33, Yes, you can get a doctoral degree in Mixology. When you find an M.D. that can whip up a Harvey Wallbanger, you're dealing with a bartending school graduate.

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All M.D.s have been to medical school. A Ph.D. Perhaps.

perdix 29

M. D. can stand either for Medicinae Doctor or Mixologiae Doctor. The confusion is cleared up once the martini is poured.

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Did she get it by 5:30?

Well aren't you a mathematical genius?

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Lol, I was confused as to whether she started at 4:30 and it ended up turning 5:00 or if she started this nonsense at 5:00. No need to get snotty over FML.

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Why would she take a half hour to explain it was 5 if it was 4:30? Think before you post

Why is that an important detail? Haha

Your mom is a bad role model. Fyl OP

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It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

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Lol homer said something like that in an episode but i forget most of it xD

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#5 Alan Jackson?

It's also happy hour somewhere... But not here. [takes another swig]

Sucks to suck. I wouldn't have tried to explain...

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Its 5 o'clock in the morning.

The conversation got boring

flockz 19

i masterbated into a sock.

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So I snuck off to your bedroom.

flockz 19

then it clogged my washer.

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Lmfao... "It's five in the morning. Conversation got boring. I masturbated in a sock. So, I snuck off to your bedroom. Then it clogged my washer."...I don't think that's how the song goes sillies! :p

I can emphasize with OP... The same thing happened with me before my parents passed on. Except for me it was 7:00pm.

You mean sympathise.

No she means empathize.

Show her your homework, call her a bitch, and leave.

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We have a badass over here.

Beer: the cause of and solution to all life's problems.