By home owner - 20/08/2010 06:14 - United States

Today, I was taking a shower for the first time in my new apartment. The shower head broke off the wall and slammed onto my head, while spraying water everywhere. I tried to stop the water, but only stopped the cold and got burnt by the hot. FML
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Wow either you live in the shittiest apartment ever, or your landlord just stole your money! Lol or both.

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leased or owned? if leased, you need to get them to fix it and pay medical. Unless you were swinging on it like George of the Jungle.

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oh didn't see your name. yeah you're screwed FYL.

that's why you don't move into the projects.

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I stopped at " I was taking a shower for the first time" and was disgusted. But now I see;)

Ydi for calling yourself a homeowner and living in an apartment. That's not a home and ydi for not being careful and Ydi for not having the shower/shower curtain closed.

Nvm I guess an apartment can be a home, especially in New York. Gdmfafp!

YDI for taking regular showers tss tss tss when will they learn?!?!?

YDI for not turning the shower off. it's the obvious right thing to do. turn it off and never touch it again. shower in your sink. spongebaths FTW!

it could have been a lot worse, the shower could have had some type of chemical acid which burned your skin and now you can't move. But since that DIDN'T happen, get over it.

Ha clearly, if you didn't know this yet OP, it's time for a new shower.

It's funny because it could have been worse and it's moist ftw dur dur.

Sounds like someone is listening to too much Katey Perry Hot & Cold.

a little too restless of a shower tug session? lol

YDI for getting a cheap apartment. and not checking over the apartment.

n00b got pwned haha what does OP mean?!

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* organic it's really Original Poster

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touché lol so many answers to that question like operation pineapple 

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nooo it means orangutang penis duhhh

60- Hahahaha I was thinking the same thing. Definitely a little hypocricy, too.

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oh Katy Perry, no really that's a compliment

katythemmuhfuh'indittiesperry! goodness! all I can think about is that scene in liar liar when he's in the elevator... "mah mah" **nipple sucking sound**

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The characters are limited. But really, I don't see the use of an abbreviation anywhere. Sucks for you OP. You got burned.

YDI for buying a home in New York - what did u expect?